Tom Brady: Why the Patriots Should Make Brady the NFL's Richest Player

Mickey McGuireCorrespondent IAugust 3, 2010


There are many people who believe that professional athletes are paid way too much money. Well, sorry folks, but that's just the way it is and the way it always will be.

The NFL is the most profitable sport in America. Would you rather have the owners pocketing your money or the players who actually go out there every week and play football? Well, Tom Brady is one of the greatest players ever and he deserves to be paid accordingly.

What is being paid accordingly? Look at some of the contracts that many of the NFL's recent first round draft picks have signed. Sam Bradford, a quarterback, signed a $72 million deal with $50 million guaranteed.

This is the richest contract in NFL history and Bradford has yet to step on the football field. In 2009, Matthew Stafford, another then-rookie quarterback, signed a similar deal worth $72 million and $41 million guaranteed. It isn't just about the rookies though. Peyton Manning, a player who has essentially been Brady's equal, made almost twice of what Brady made last year ($20 million compared to Brady's $11 million).

To put those two rookie contracts as well as Manning's into perspective, Tom Brady, a man who has won three Super Bowls and two Super Bowl MVP awards, has made an average of approximately $10 million a year since 2005. Granted, he and his agent signed the deal and it was highway robbery on the part of the Patriots, but Brady has earned a big deal.

Brady is the greatest player in New England Patriots history and has always put the team above himself. He has never complained about his contract situation, despite other stars around the league doing so. He has never left his teammates out to dry when things went bad. He's never missed training camp. In 2008, he suffered a serious ACL injury and was back the next year as good as ever.

It goes without mentioning that he holds the single season record for passing touchdowns with 50 in 2007. Oh, and did I mention that he has won three Super Bowls and two Super Bowl MVP awards?

The guy is a winner and a class act.

The Patriots have let players go for years because they're "replaceable assets." Is Tom Brady one of those players? No. He's been the franchise for the past ten years and the Pats wouldn't be where they are without him.

They should make Tom Brady the NFL's richest player because of all the sacrifices he's made over the years. It wouldn't even be overpayment because they would be paying  him back all the money that he has honestly earned and never received for the previous ten years. They call him Tom Terrific for a reason, Mr. Kraft.