Brett Favre To Retire? An Instant Analysis

Ken KellyContributor IIIAugust 3, 2010

NEW ORLEANS - JANUARY 24:  Brett Favre #4 of the Minnesota Vikings gestures as he calls out signals in the shotgun formation against the New Orleans Saints during the NFC Championship Game at the Louisiana Superdome on January 24, 2010 in New Orleans, Louisiana. THe Saints won 31-28 in overtime. (Photo by Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images)
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Numerous media outlets are reporting that Brett Favre reportedly told teammates and coaches last night that he doesn’t plan to play this year. It seems his ankle has not responded to surgery as well as he planned. If true, this is the third such announcement from Favre over the past few years.

We’re expecting a press release later today to confirm his plans.

Let’s be honest: Nothing is really official until somebody else takes a snap on opening day. Nobody would be surprised to see him show up for the 3rd week of preseason to have enough time to be ready and not build any animosity with his teammates by sitting at home on his tractor the next few weeks. In fact, I expect it.

If this rings true though, dynasty league owners need to make some quick analysis of their teams. Many player values would change if Favre does indeed stick with a plan of retirement.

Brett Favre, QB

His redraft and dynasty value would obviously be gone if he hangs it up.

However, I’d caution every single dynasty league owner to hold on to Favre all the way up to the beginning of the season. We’ve been down this road before.


Tarvaris Jackson, QB

For years, the Vikings have been saying Jackson has the ability to be a starter in the league. He’s shown some flashes of ability but also some inconsistencies.


Jackson will be right in the thick of a quarterback competition with Sage Rosenfels if Favre stays home this season. He’s obviously an immediate pickup if he’s on your wire since he’ll be the favorite to win that competition.

Sage Rosenfels, QB

The Vikings traded for Rosenfels as an insurance policy for a situation just like this. We’ve seen enough of Rosenfels to know he can lead a team to a win but probably not a Super Bowl. He should battle Jackson for the starting job and is also worthy of a waiver pickup.

Joe Webb, QB

This 6th round pick from UAB has a lot of potential. We were actually working on a sleeper article on him this week. The Favre announcement obviously moves him up a notch to roster worthy.

While there’s virtually no chance he gets to play this season, the Vikings seem to be high on his abilites.


Sidney Rice and Percy Harvin, WRs

One of the $1,000,000 questions in dynasty circles the past year revolves around just how valuable these two players are without an elite quarterback.

It seems we’re about to find out.

I’d caution dynasty league owners to downgrade either of these two down too much until we’re absolutely positive Favre doesn’t change his mind.


Even with Jackson or Rosenfels, Rice and Harvin have great talent. It wouldn’t shock too many people to see them still put up some big numbers.

Adrian Peterson, RB

If anybody thinks Peterson’s value is hurt significantly from this, they’re crazy.

He was dominant before Brett Favre came to town, he was dominant with him as the quarterback, and he’ll be dominant after he leaves as well.

Peterson remains a top-3 player in fantasy leagues.


Here we go again!


It really wouldn’t be August without a Brett Favre retirement announcement, would it? Let’s just remember that it wouldn’t be a September without a Brett Favre comeback announcement, either.

Article written by Ken Kelly

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