Tim Tebow Is Not Denver Bronco's Best Kept Secret

Benjamin RichardsonContributor IAugust 2, 2010

ATLANTA - NOVEMBER 28:  Demaryius Thomas #8 of the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets against the Georgia Bulldogs at Bobby Dodd Stadium on November 28, 2009 in Atlanta, Georgia.  (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Sitting on the side line yesterday it was hard to not notice the crowd chanting Tebows name as he was the first player besides the kickers on the field—both practices.

No.15 ran with poise and in both practices looked extremely good. There was some questionable passes when there were no defenders. When he had defenders the kid made amazing plays.

But I cant say it was Tebow that really impressed me at camp yesterday. Sure Alphonso Smith looked really good. Like a first round worthy defender should.

You can also look at the other Broncos, like Ayers, who was decent.

The star though was "Bay Bay."

"He is what we thought he would be" - Josh Mcdaniels.

"He reminds me of Brandon Marshall" - Josh Mcdaniels.

Reminds? That's an understatement. This kid is huge, fast, and has great hands. He made several plays all over the field including on Pro Bowl CB Champ Bailey who looked like the best CB in league on other receivers.

Watching Demaryius Thomas was not only a pleasure, it was an honor.

This kid is the real deal.

Knowshon Moreno—my favorite Bronco—may have just been replaced. I like Decker, and he played a big role like calling out the hike ball on special teams.

Decker even made a couple great catches from Tebow.

However, Thomas was just this machine you see going by.

I mean the man has a huge prescence, and even made TE Daniel Graham look kind of small.

Thomas will oppose defenses like Marshall did and be one huge target for Tebow in the coming years.

I do have to comment on my views of the QB contest.

Orton seemed to float his passes a bit much yesterday. He did not give the receiver the opportunity to make a play after he caught the ball. It was a group of good passes, but where it was handled it would of been down.

Quinn was ok. He didn't make good reads and was forcing the ball a bit much. Some plays you felt like Quinn just did not have a grasp of the offense.

Tebow held the ball too long a couple times, and would of been in trouble for sure. When he did throw the ball though, it was precise, in front of the receiver and with force. You could hear the ball hissing in the air and the thump when Royal and other receivers would haul in Tebow's throws.

The crowd was simply Tebow fan's. I mean the kid was well represented.

After seeing Thomas though my next jersey will clearly be No. 88. The kid is a machine.

A beastly machine.

The Broncos looked good overall. A lot of big, fast, precise athletic men who did very well with most everything I seen.

A couple notes. Doom is small. That guy must be the super king of technique because he just doesn't look very big. (I was very, very close to the action.) Never seen Doom so close.

Tebow looked like a very stout QB. It will hurt to hit that guy. Ray Lewis be warned now.

Other teams had better take notice of Denvers receiving corp. they are nothing to play with.


I will report on some findings from Invesco after this up coming Saturday.

Till then this is to be continued.

But so far so good. Minus Moreno getting hurt. (Again)