MLB Trade Deadline Live Blog: Coverage of the Final Hours of the Deadline

Todd KaufmannSenior Writer IJuly 31, 2010

HOUSTON - JULY 30:  First baseman Lance Berkman of the Houston Astros sits in the dugout during batting practice before the Milwaukee Brewers play the Houston Astros at Minute Maid Park on July 30, 2010 in Houston, Texas.  (Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images)
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4:04pm CDT - Alright folks, appreciate you hanging around with us today and keeping track of all the movement and rumors today. I know we're not done, especially with all the waiver deals that could take place over the next month, but for now, I'm signing off.

Now, the playoff races begin and there are several tight ones still to be decided. Have a great day all!

3:59pm CDT - Hank Schulman of the San Francisco Chronicle believes the Giants' deal was for a reliever not a bat.

3:43pm CDT - Buster Olney of ESPN says the Giants have the best chance to claim Adam Dunn off waivers next month.

3:42pm CDT - USA Today's Bob Nightengale says the Dodgers never considered the White Sox's offer for Manny Ramirez.

3:40pm CDT - The deal for the Rangers that Richard Durrett was talking about was apparently trading catcher Jarrod Saltalamacchia to the Red Sox

3:37pm CDT - Andrew Baggarly reports that the Giants may have a deal done that hasn't been reported just yet outside of landing Ramirez from Boston and Lopez from Pittsburgh.

3:35pm CDT - Hank Schulman of the San Francisco Chronicle reports that Jose Bautista was not moved at the deadline. The Giants made a big push for him as well as reliever Scott Downs.

3:33pm CDT -'s Brian McTaggart says Lance Berkman considered deals to not only the Yankees but also the Rangers, Cardinals, Rays and Padres.

3:30pm CDT - ESPN's Richard Durrett reports that the Rangers are still working on a deal but says it could just be a minor deal.

3:29pm - Hank Schulman of the San Francisco Chronicle says he's intrigued by the silence from the Giants.

3:18pm CDT - Ken Davidoff reports that the Braves got both Kyle Farnsworth AND Rick Ankiel. The Braves sent Gregor Blanco, Jesse Chavez, and Tim Collins to the Royals.

3:16pm CDT - Marlins acquired Orioles Will Ohman in return for Rick VandenHurk.

3:15pm CDT - According to the Boston Globe, the Giants acquired reliever Ramon Ramirez from the Red Sox.

3:12pm CDT - Getting a lot of updates on deals that were done prior to the deadline. Will try to update everything as quickly as I can.

3:08pm CDT - The Atlanta Braves got two deals done. They acquired Kyle Farnsworth from the Royals and Wilkin Ramirez from the Tigers.

3:06pm CDT - The Red Sox and Mets could not get a deal done for Ramon Ramirez at the last minute.

Also, the Dodgers sent James McDonald and outfielder Andrew Lambo for Pirates' reliever Octavio Dotel.

3:05pm CDT - While the Astros made a few deals, they also spent a lot of time working on a multi-year deal for Brett Myers.'s Brian McTaggart reports the two sides are close to an agreement.

3:04pm CDT - Dan Connelly of the Baltimore Sun says Will Ohman has apparently been traded but no indication as to where just yet.

3:02pm CDT - There is one deal that the Giants just pulled off but haven't heard who's involved just yet. Will get you the details in a few minutes.

3:00pm CDT - The deadline is here! One deal to mention. Octavio Dotel has been traded from the Pittsburgh Pirates to the Los Angeles Dodgers in return for James McDonald

2:59pm CDT - Bob Nightengale says the White Sox are done dealing until the waiver period. Adam Dunn remains with the Nationals

2:58pm CDT - Jeff Fletcher of AOL says the Brewers are saying they are done dealing which means Corey Hart will not be heading to San Francisco and Prince Fielder will also remain with the team.

2:57pm CDT - Dodgers land reliever Octavio Dotel from the Pirates per Ken Rosenthal

2:57pm CDT - Just so we're clear, the trades don't need to be announced by 4pm EDT, they just need league approval by then. We may still hear trades announced for the next hour or so.

2:56pm CDT - The Mets and Red Sox are discussing Ramon Ramirez

2:55pm CDT - With five minutes to go, I'm surprised that White Sox general manager Ken Williams hasn't pulled a rabbit out of his hat. But, there is still five minutes to work with.

2:53pm CDT - Pirates' closer Octavio Dotel has been linked to the Los Angeles Dodgers according to Ken Rosenthal.

2:52pm CDT - Mets and Red Sox talking trade right now according to Joel Sherman

2:52pm CDT - New Rays reliever Chad Qualls has already made it to his new team's clubhouse.

2:51pm CDT - Hank Schulman reports that Jonathan Sanchez has NOT been traded as of five minutes ago. The Giants have been on the phone with the Jays trying to work out a deal of some sort.

2:50pm CDT - 10 minutes to go before the deadline and the Giants have still not pulled the trigger on a deal, at least not one that we know about just yet. I can't imagine that they can stay quiet and not do a thing.

2:47pm CDT - The Padres are apparently still working the phones. I talked to Marty Caswell of XX Sports Radio who told me she doesn't know if they'll get anything done in the next 12 minutes.

2:46pm CDT - 14 minutes to go until the deadline expires and there is still a flurry of activity. It's only after the deadline that we learn there were more deals than we knew about.

2:44pm CDT - Marty Caswell of XX Sports Radio in San Diego confirms that outfielder Ryan Ludwick will not be in San Diego for tonight's game against the Marlins but should be in uniform tomorrow.

2:43pm CDT - Jerry Crasnick says if the Giants get a deal done, there's only a five to 10 percent chance that will be an impact bat. They are saying that the price is too steep.

2:42pm CDT - Amy Nelson of ESPN says the Blue Jays and Giants are still working hard on a deal. Not sure who's involved.

2:41pm CDT - The Diamondbacks are now saying a Kelly Johnson trade is "unlikely."

2:39pm CDT - The Red Sox have designated Jeremy Hermida for assignment

2:38pm CDT - The Diamondbacks are still getting calls about Aaron Heilman.

2:37pm CDT - Jerry Crasnick also reports that the Braves are working on landing a reliever.

2:36pm CDT - The Mariners have apparently approached the Atlanta Braves about Chone Figgins but Seattle would have to eat a lot of money to make that deal happen.

2:35pm CDT - Kerry Wood to the Yankees is a done deal

2:34pm CDT - Just heard that the Pirates are close to trading left-hander Javier Lopez. No indication as to where.

2:32pm CDT - Joel Sherman reports that the Indians will pay a "significant amount" of Wood's $3.8 million left this season.

2:30pm CDT - The Yankees are close to a deal that would send Indians' reliever Kerry Wood to the Bronx.

2:29pm CDT - Jon Paul Morosi of Fox Sports reports that reliever Scott Downs is on the field for the Jays and is warming up. Might mean that no deal is imminent.

2:27pm CDT - Just got a report from Jim Callis that the Mariners are sending Justin Smoak to the minor leagues after a 2-for-38 slump since being traded from Texas. Any Ranger fans want to argue that Smoak should still be with the Rangers? Didn't think so.

2:25pm CDT - Hank Schulman just tweeted that a Corey Hart to the Giants deal could be alive and well with 35 minutes to go before the deadline.

2:23pm CDT - The Yankees are apparently not done. Buster Olney says the Yankees are closing in on a deal for Kerry Wood.

2:20pm CDT - Ken Rosenthal has an update on the trade talks between the White Sox and Nationals. Rosenthal was told that the Nationals have not made a counter offer "in days."

2:19pm CDT - Red Sox are not trading Mike Lowell, at least not before the deadline.

2:16pm CDT - We could have a big trade going down in the next few minutes. Jon Paul Morosi of Fox Sports says there's a three-way deal being discussed between the Giants, Diamondbacks, and Blue Jays. It could involve Jose Bautista.

2:11pm CDT - Ken Rosenthal reports from a source that the trade talks between the Nationals and White Sox are "far from over."

2:09pm CDT - Tim Brown of Yahoo Sports says the Orioles are getting calls about outfielder Luke Scott but they're not coming from the Dodgers.

2:07pm CDT -'s Jon Heyman calling the Padres "the big winner" of the day.

2:06pm CDT - We talked about the Padres sending a "token" prospect to either St. Louis or Cleveland in the Ryan Ludwick deal, but Dan Hayes says that prospect has been removed from the deal.

2:04pm CDT - Ken Rosenthal gives his rationale on the Cardinals trading Ryan Ludwick. "They won nine straight without him, salary will rise from $5.45 million in 2011 in his final arbitration year."

2:03pm CDT - Buster Olney says the Yankees are still working the phones with under an hour to go before the deadline.

2:00pm CDT - Ken Rosenthal reports that all is quiet with the Diamondbacks as far as Kelly Johnson and Adam LaRoche is concerned.

1:56pm CDT - Tom Krasovic says the Dodgers are making a big push for Luke Scott but he also says the Rays are in the running as well.

1:55pm CDT - One hour to go and Jayson Stark says there are an "insane number of calls."

1:51pm CDT - There's apparent interest in Mariners' reliever Brandon League but if League is moved, ESPN's Jayson Stark doesn't believe it will be to the Rays. Stark says the Rays probably will not make a move at the deadline.

If what Stark says is true, than the Adam Dunn deal is probably to the White Sox.

1:48pm CDT - This is just my own opinion, no sources to back it up. The Houston Astros can still move Brett Myers or Wandy Rodriguez and I think the Padres still have the prospects to get a deal done. If they're serious about a World Series run, I think Myers is the guy to add.

1:47pm CDT - The Kansas City Royals are still talking to teams about Kyle Farnsworth and Rick Ankiel

1:45pm CDT - The Nationals are apparently getting close to dealing Adam Dunn. Could be either the White Sox or Rays.

1:43pm CDT - Anyone wondering when the San Francisco Giants are going to make a move? They haven't done a thing as of yet while the Dodgers and Padres have both made impact moves.

1:41pm CDT - Joel Sherman was told that White Sox general manager Ken Williams will leave the trade deadline with a hitter. It could be Adam Dunn or it might be another player.

1:39pm CDT - Dan Hayes follows up on his earlier report and was told that the Padres will be sending a "token" prospect to either St. Louis or Cleveland.

1:38pm CDT - T.R. Sullivan of says the Texas Rangers may still make a move before the deadline but may also let it pass without making a further move.

1:37pm CDT - The Nationals and White Sox are still talking about Adam Dunn but the Nationals want the Sox to include not only Edwin Jackson but another player or two.

1:36pm CDT - Ken Rosenthal says the Astros don't expect to move Brett Myers or Wandy Rodriguez.

1:34pm CDT - The New York Mets like Blue Jays' reliever Scott Downs but there's no serious talks between the two teams.

1:33pm CDT - Dan Hayes of the North County Times says there's a player to be named later coming from the Padres in the three-team deal we talked about earlier.

1:28pm CDT - Buster Olney reports that the Nationals are still talking to teams about Adam Dunn with just a few hours left to the deadline.

1:20pm CDT - Blake DeWitt told LA Times' Dylan Hernandez that he was "a little surprised that [the trade] happened.

1:18pm CDT - The Double-A pitcher going to the Chicago Cubs from the Dodgers is Brett Wallach

1:15pm CDT - The Dodgers and White Sox are apparently still working on a deal surrounding Manny Ramirez but's Jon Heyman doesn't think the deal will go down.

1:13pm CDT - The Cubs will get Blake DeWitt, a Double-A pitcher, and one other prospect for Ryan Theriot, Ted Lilly, and $2.5 million.

1:08pm CDT - The Washington Nationals have posted their lineup for today's game and it does have Adam Dunn's name on it.

1:03pm CDT - Joel Sherman of the New York Daily News reports that the Cubs and Dodgers deal for Ryan Theriot and Ted Lilly is done. Will have the particulars soon but the early report is DeWitt, a Double-AA player, and one other prospect will go to the Cubs.

1:01pm CDT - Ed Price of AOL Fanhouse reports that the Orioles and Rays are in talks and it could involve Luke Scott or a reliever.

12:58pm CDT - Orioles staying quiet on the trade front. They know Ty Wigginton and Jeremy Guthrie have value but they aren't getting the right deal in return.

12:51pm CDT - LA Times reporting that the Dodgers are close to landing Ted Lilly and Ryan Theriot

12:50pm CDT - The Rockies have had all of their trade talks come to an end and it looks like they are done where they are.

12:44pm CDT - There are still talks going on but the rumors have slowed down since this morning. We'll pass along anything that comes down the pike.

In the meantime, if you're hanging out with us, tell me who your team is and who you would like to see them deal for.

12:38pm CDT - Reports out of San Diego are saying that the Padres may not be done and they could be looking for another starter. However, they may wait until August to pull off a move.

12:34pm CDT - The Lance Berkman deal has become official so he now a member of the New York Yankees.

12:33am CDT - Dylan Hernandez of the LA Times reports that the Angels and Rays have also asked about Manny Ramirez.

12:28pm CDT - John Shea of the San Francisco Chronicle has been saying the same thing I said earlier. If the Giants want to acquire a guy like Jose Bautista from Toronto, or one of their relievers, Jonathan Sanchez is going to have to be the guy in coversation. Otherwise, they won't land what they need.

12:26pm CDT - The White Sox have yet to hear a counter offer from the Dodgers on Manny Ramirez so USA Today's Bob Nightengale says the Sox are moving on.

12:24pm CDT -'s Jon Heyman talked to an executive that is after Adam Dunn and he told Heyman that the Nationals are tough to deal with. Apparently the Nationals brought up Matt Garza's name with the Rays prior to him throwing a no-hitter.

12:23pm CDT - Jon Paul Morosi says the Orioles are not close to dealing infielder Ty Wigginton but "not all doors are closed."

12:22pm CDT - Looks like there's a waiting game in terms of Manny Ramirez. He will likely clear waivers in August and could be had after that.

12:21pm CDT - The Red Sox are dealing with the reality that they will have to overpay to acquire a reliever. Looks like they may not make a move before the deadline.

12:14pm CDT - Ryan Ludwick not expected to join the Padres until tomorrow. The front four of their lineup could look like Jerry Hairston Jr, Ryan Ludwick, Adrian Gonzalez, and Miguel Tejada.

12:08pm CDT - I'm a little surprised the Giants haven't swung a deal with Toronto for Jose Bautista.'s Jon Heyman says the Jays want Jonathan Sanchez in return or there's no deal. If I'm the Giants or Brian Sabean, I think Bautista is worth that.

12:05pm CDT - Nothing on Adam Dunn as of yet. If the White Sox have called the Dodgers about Manny Ramirez, a deal for Dunn might be off.

12:04pm CDT - The Seattle Mariners are still getting hits on a few of their relievers but are not motivated to move them unless they get the right players in return.

11:57am CDT - A five player deal between the Pirates and Arizona has just become official and here's how this shakes out.

To Pittsburgh: Chris Snyder and Pedro Ciriaco plus cash

To Arizona: Ryan Church, Bobby Crosby, and DJ Carrasco

11:54am CDT - The other prospect from the Padres is Nick Greenwood who will go to the Cardinals according to Marty Caswell of XX Sports Radio in San Diego.

11:53am CDT - The Diamondbacks rejected an offer from the Giants that would have sent Kelly Johnson to San Francisco. According to Heyman, the Giants offered Joe Hernandez and one other prospect for Johnson.

11:50am CDT - There are conflicting reports from's Jon Heyman and Fox Sports' Ken Rosenthal. Heyman tweets that the Giants and Blue Jays are working on a deal for either Jason Frasor or Scott Downs but Rosenthal reports that the Giants have no interest in Frasor and the two sides can't find a middle ground for Downs.

11:48am CDT - There were rumors that the Padres were after Pirates' left-hander Paul Maholm late yesterday but Tom Krasovic of AOL Fanhouse says there's no chance of that happening now.

11:47am CDT - Tom Krasovic of AOL Fanhouse says the Padres will take on all of Ryan Ludwick's $8 million salary next season.

11:46am CDT - One prospect in the deal from the Padres is Triple-A pitcher Corey Kluber who will head to the Cleveland Indians. No word on the other prospect to the Cardinals as of yet.

11:43am CDT - There's a lot going on this morning so we're trying to keep track of everything. Looks like the three-team deal between the Cardinals, Indians, and Padres is complete so outfielder Ryan Ludwick and right-hander Jake Westbrook should be joining their new teams either tonight or tomorrow.

11:41am CDT - The San Francisco Giants and Arizona Diamondbacks are in talks that would send infielder Kelly Johnson to the Bay Area.

11:39am CDT - Baseball's union has agreed to the three-team deal so here's how it shakes out.

Jake Westbrook goes from Cleveland to St. Louis

Ryan Ludwick goes from St. Louis to San Diego

The Padres will send one prospect to each of the two teams.

11:38am CDT - Jayson Stark of ESPN reports that the Cubs are likely to send both Ryan Theriot and Ted Lilly to the Dodgers. Nothing official on that yet.

11:37am CDT -'s Jon Heyman says the deal between the Cardinals and Indians has been agreed to which means the three-team deal is just about complete. Will have the breakdown shortly.

11:35am CDT - Buster Olney wonders why the Dodgers wouldn't want to move Ramirez and shed some of their payroll

11:33am CDT - Tim Brown of Yahoo Sports says that while the Dodgers are not shopping Manny Ramirez, they are taking phone calls on him. Ramirez says he would be open to a trade.

11:32am CDT - Ken Rosenthal reported earlier today that the White Sox will make another run at acquiring Manny Ramirez, though his efforts may be futile at this point.

11:31am CDT - According to multiple sources, the Dodgers and Cubs are still working on a Ryan Theriot and Ted Lilly deal.

11:29am CDT - Even if the Indians deal Westbrook to the Cardinals today, Anthony Castrovince of says the Indians will make a serious run at him in free agency after the season.

11:27am CDT - Dan Hayes of the North County Times says a non-Padres source tells him that the deal, while not done, is "real far" and that the Padres will win big.

11:25am CDT - Anthony Castrovince of says the Padres will receive outfielder Ryan Ludwick in the three-team deal between them, St. Louis, and Cleveland if the deal is finalized.

11:24am CDT - Joel Sherman of the New York Daily News thinks the Mets should make a run at Houston Astros' right-hander Wandy Rodriguez.

11:19am CDT - Joel Sherman confirms Buster Olney's report. He too says the Padres are still in the deal.

11:18am CDT - Contradictory report from Buster Olney. After Joel Sherman reported that the Padres were out of the three-team deal with the Indians and Cardinals, Buster says the Padres are still in the deal.

11:15am CDT - The Tigers, White Sox, and Rays are still in on Adam Dunn

11:13am CDT - Jake Westbrook has agreed to lower the $2 million part of his bonus to make this trade happen.

11:11am CDT - The Padres have apparently fallen out of the three-way deal with the Cardinals and Indians. No word as to whether that means they are losing out on Ryan Ludwick.

11:05am CDT - The New York Mets proposed a deal to the Cubs last night. The Mets wanted to send Oliver Perez and Luis Castillo to the Cubs in return for Carlos Zambrano. Not surprisingly, though, the Cubs turned them down.

11:03am CDT - Looks like the San Diego Padres will assume all of Ryan Ludwick's $8 million next season according to Tom Krasovic.

11:00am CDT - Update on the three-team deal. The Padres would get outfielder Ryan Ludwick from the Cardinals, Jake Westbrook goes from the Indians to the Cardinals and the Padres would send one prospect each to the Indians and Cardinals.

10:58am CDT - Tom Krasovic reporting that the San Diego Padres are the third team involved in the Jake Westbrook deal with Jake Ludwick going to San Diego and Westbrook going from Cleveland to St. Louis.

10:57am CDT - Another deal I failed to mention from last night was the Yankees acquiring Austin Kearns from the Cleveland Indians.

10:56am CDT - Looks like the Adam Dunn deal to the White Sox is dead according to Joe Cowley.

10:52am CDT - Anthony Castrovince, beat writer for the Cleveland Indians, reports that there is now a third team involved in the Jake Westbrook to the Cardinals deal. More details still to come.

10:51am CDT - The White Sox apparently called the Dodgers about acquiring Manny Ramirez. According to Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports, the White Sox wanted the Dodgers to pay all but $1 million of what was left of Ramirez's contract with no player coming back.

10:49am CDT - The Arizona Diamondbacks still would like to move Kelly Johnson or Adam LaRoche according to Jon Paul Morosi of Fox Sports.

10:46am CDT - The San Diego Padres are apparently deep in talks with the Cardinals about outfielder Ryan Ludwick. The Padres have been in need of an outfield bat and his .281 batting average to go along with 11 home runs would fit the bill.

10:39am CDT - Let's get to the news of the morning so far.

Adam Dunn is still a member of the Washington Nationals and apparently the White Sox are none too happy with how things have transpired thus far.

The Arizona Diamondbacks traded catcher Chris Snyder last night for cash and a player to be named later to the Pittsburgh Pirates. The Pirates say they have no interest in flipping Snyder to another team.

One deal this morning is close and it's the St. Louis Cardinals who are very close to landing Cleveland Indians' right-hander Jake Westbrook. Several sources are reporting it but the deal is not complete. Westbrook is scheduled to pitch for the Indians in a few hours from now so we'll see what happens.

10:37am CDT - Good afternoon baseball fans and welcome to one of the most exciting days of the baseball season, maybe even more so than the All-Star festivities. It's the trade deadline.

This is the day where all of us fans sit on the edge of our seats waiting to see what kind of deals our teams are going to make. We want certain players, we hear certain rumors, we get our hopes up, and we wait.

We'll have all of the breaking news of the day and all of the rumors from now until the end of the deadline later this afternoon. So hang with us all day, join in on the conversation, and we'll keep you up to date all day long.


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