Double KO.The Phillies Near Oswalt and Mets Lose In 13 Innings

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Double KO.The Phillies Near Oswalt and Mets Lose In 13 Innings
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It all seemed joyful when the Mets had rallied once again at Citi Field to score 4 runs in the 8th to tie a game at Citi field against the Cardnials previously down 6 runs.But of course that was an illusion as Pujols hit a game go ahead single to give St.Louis the lead in the thirteenth.

  This and another thing that happened last night may have officially erased any hopes for the Mets going to the postseason this year.Last night according to MLB Trade Rumors The Phillies and the Astros have just agreed on a deal that would send Oswalt to Philly so long as the Phillies take on most of the payroll.Great..... The Phillies have set themselves up for the future and what has omar done nothing.

 We have realized one thing as at Mets fans.When we were actually in contention for postseason Are management never does anything to go out there and get us a good player in hopes of catching lightning in a bottle.I bet the Mets were never in on Cliff Lee or in on any player.

Whats really annoying you ask? Omar has this Philosphy of "We have the talent on this ballclub needed to win" simple question Omar why arent they winning.Oh that right its because you know you shouldve gone after Holliday in the offseason not Bay,and that cora is overrated junk and that Jerry is an absolute Idiot.

I also bet that many of these players are sick and tired of playing for Jerry and want a better manager in there.You should be firing Jerry and going out and getting us valentine but apparently you do not want to have a successful manager on this ballclub.

The Phillies on  the other hand were aggressive the whole deadline and knew to make a move.But apparently you didint when the Mets were 10 over .500 before the all star break you didnt ask for Oswalt or even Lilly.The Phillies now have a team that will probably beat Atlanta and the Mets.

So good job Omar enjoy being fired with Jerry.

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