2010 New York Jets' Biggest Questions

Matt MCorrespondent IJuly 28, 2010

Are there a lot of questions about the Jets this year? Of course there are; there are questions about every team out there.

The questions about the Jets, though, are magnified by the hype and media coverage they are surrounded with. Even with the exaggeration of everything this offseason, there are still some legitimate questions that should be on every Jet fan's mind.

These are the questions that will need positive answers in order for the Jets to be successful this year. I will also give my two cents on what I believe the answers will be.


1. Will Sanchez be an improved passing QB?

  • The experts seem to think that this is the biggest question of our offseason, and I agree with them. Let's be realistic here: The Football Gods blessed us last year with scheduling. We absolutely deserved that playoff birth, but in any other situation, we should have ended the season 8-8. The biggest reason we would have been a .500 team is due to Sanchez's midseason implosion. Granted, he put everything together in a timely fashion for the playoffs, but more solid play will be needed. If he improves even the slightest bit, the Jets offense improves 10 fold. Better QB play would have made the 2009 Jets 11-5 or better. The same can be said about this year. Even the slightest improvement in Mark's game, will give the Jets the best chance to meet all the hype.

2. Will the Jets' running game be anything like the '09 running game?

  • I think the answer to this question hinges on two factors, the first being: Will the Jets O-line stay healthy and perform as good as they did with Faneca in the mix? The staying healthy aspect is still up in the air, but performance wise, I don't see a reason not to think so. Faneca might have been a pro-bowler, but he hasn't played like one for a long time. His leadership will be missed, but his AVG play won't be. The Jets have one of the best O-line coaches in the game. Bill Callahan won't fill Alen's spot with anyone that can't match or improve upon Faneca's ability. The second factor is if Shonn Greene can stay healthy. I am already convinced that he is the next big thing, it is just a question of if he can stay healthy with the load he is going to have to carry. I think the fact that we have three healthy RB's for this years "three-headed monster" will lighten the load for Greene.

3. Do the Jets have enough depth to do a decent job if someone goes down with a boo boo?

  • I sort of hinted in the last question that health is paramount. The Jets as a whole are more prepared for injury than last year. The depth we have on the Jets this year is incredible. It's usually only people who don't know the Jets that say we don't have depth. Even on D-line, I am happy with who we have standing by. The only three positions I would be worried about with depth is center, running back, and QB. Mangold is the heart and soul of this O-line. If he goes down for any serious amount of time, I find it hard for the line to keep it's production the same. I love LT as a change of pace, No. 2 RB, but he can't handle the whole load for an extended period of time anymore. McKnight is still very young and raw, so the chances of him coming in and being a star are unlikely.

4. Will Nick Folk be able to replace Feely's production?

  • This is a hard one to call, and also very important to the Jets' success this season. Feely did it all last year, and showed how reliable he is. Folk on the other hand, did not. I think his sub sub par play had more to do with his injury rather than his inability to kick FG's. It just looked like something was bugging him last year, and I hope he figured it out. In the first OTA, he did horrible, but after that, he didn't miss a single kick the rest of OTA's. I hope that is a sign that he still has it.