AFC East Pre-Season Questions

Jason Clary@IamJClaryCorrespondent IJuly 28, 2010

Buffalo Bills

Who starts at quarterback ?

The Bills cannot seem to catch a break at quarterback. The Trent Edwards experiment is going just as well as the JP Losman experiment did.

Edwards has the tools to be a solid starting quarterback in this league, but he cannot seem to get a full bearing on the offense in Buffalo.

If Edwards fails to impress early on, Brian Brohm and Ryan Fitzpatrick will look to make the most of their opportunities.

Can Marshawn Lynch pull his own weight ?

Marshawn Lynch is in a make-or-break situation. While he has never been a great running back, when healthy, he has been able to put the running game on his shoulders.

Fred Jackson has made the most of his playing time in Lynch's absence. If Lynch doesn't show something up to par this season, he could be the odd man out.

Rookie CJ Spiller will also benefit if Marshawn Lynch can't turn around his latest misfortunes.

How good is the Bills defense ?

Before injuries plagued the defense last season, the Bills defense was certainly better than average.

With Marcus Stroud, Andra Davis, Kawika Mitchell, Paul Posluszny, and Jairus Byrd, the Bills have the names to make it look good on paper.

Byrd was one of the most electric defensive backs last season, intercepting nine passes.

If the Bills have better luck with injuries, this defense could be ranked in the top half of the league.

Miami Dolphins

Can Ronnie Brown Stay Healthy?

After suffering injuries two of the last three years, Ronnie Brown needs to stay on the field in order to salvage his image for the Dolphins organization.

Brown has all of the tools necessary to be an elite running back in this league, but he also has to prove that on the field, not on injured reserve.

This season will be Brown's last shot to prove he isn't made of glass. If he is injured once again, Miami will have to put the running game on Ricky Williams shoulders.

It will be a sad day if Ronnie Brown has to put on another NFL jersey.

How will the defense produce sacks?

Even though Joey Porter and Jason Taylor booked one way tickets out of town, their ages were becoming a concern to this franchise.

The only sack weapon Miami has as of now is second year player Cameron Wake. Wake tore up the CFL by making disruptive plays in the backfield, but his transition to be an every down outside linebacker has yet to warrant much success.

Rookie Koa Misi was also drafted because of his ability to be a complete linebacker, and Miami hopes these two can top the depth chart after training camp is finished. If they can't, they could have a hard time getting pressure on opposing quarterbacks.

Who will be the Kick/Punt returner?

Even though Ted Ginn Jr. was an explosive returner, he was average at best. Apart from his two touchdown game against the Jets, he made many fans scratch their head when he would avoid a hit and run out of bounds.

After his departure, Miami will have to evaluate several players currently on their roster. None of the potential returners have the true speed that Ginn does, but Miami hopes to find a more consistent option than the spotty Ginn.

Players that could compete for the return job are Kory Sheets, Patrick Cobbs, Davone Bess, and Ryan Grice-Mullen.

New England Patriots

Will Tom Brady be re-signed?

You might call me mad for this question, but it is something that has to be asked considering the current contractual situation.

Brady has arguably been the most successful quarterback of the past few decades. If you were to pick one guy to take you to a Super Bowl, it would be Brady.

Having said that, Brady is on the down slope of his career; down slope meaning the later part of his career. He is in the last year of his contract, Randy Moss is getting up in age, and Welker was recently put on the Active PUP (Physically unable to perform) list.

In a contract year, having your best receiver injured does not help your case.

In the end, Brady should be re-signed, but it will be interesting to see how both sides handle the negotiations.

Will Wes Welker's knee hold up?

Wes Welker relies on his knees for his quick moves and agility. Will he still be able to be as shifty as he normally is?

Tom Brady fans had the argument that he didn't do as well last season because of his knee. For Welker's case, he does a whole lot more running than Tom does.

After being placed on the PUP list, either the Pats are playing it safe, or Welker is really not that far ahead on his recovery. Players can be taken off PUP at any time, but once that player practices, they have to be removed from the list.

Should the Patriots be counted out as this year's division winner?

Absolutely not. The last thing you want to do is doubt this team because they will catch you off guard.

With the Jets making waves as the offseason champions, the Patriots will finally be able to fly under the radar for the first time since Tom Brady's rookie season.

If you think this Patriots team is scary when they have hype, wait until you play them with a chip on their shoulder.

New York Jets

When will the Jets pay admission to Revis Island?

Darelle Revis, arguably the best corner in the NFL, is disgruntled about his current contract.

Revis wants to be the highest paid corner in the League. If the Jets make the investment, they better hope he remains humble.

Revis held out of workouts with the team, but has said he would not miss any time during training camp.

Will Mark Sanchez take a step of maturity?

To start as a rookie in the NFL after only starting one year in college is impressive in itself. For the team to go to the AFC championship with a rookie is almost unheard of.

If Mark Sanchez can handle the hype, it could be another long season for the AFC East. If Sanchez throws another 20 interceptions, the Jets could be going home early this season.

The Jets were a good team with the rookie Mark Sanchez, and they could be a great team with an improved Sanchez. Their success almost directly lies on his shoulders.

Will the Jets regret letting go of Thomas Jones?

For a team that made so many blockbuster moves this offseason, they could regret letting go of their leading rusher.

After letting go of reliable Jones, they signed LaDainian Tomlinson. Last season was Tomlinson's first year not rushing for 1,000 yards in his career.

Comparing Tomlinson and Jones, the Jets lost around 700 rushing yards in this swap.

If Shonn Greene isn't ready to carry the load, they better hope Tomlinson shows some youth.


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