The Overblown Story: Tom Brady's Contract

Greg PostContributor IJuly 27, 2010

This story is so overblown it's ridiculous. The media is just trying to make it something it absolutely isn't. Despite what a lot of people would like to believe about the guy Tom Brady isn't a diva like a lot of NFL stars seeking a new contract. Tom Brady got underpaid in his last long term contract because he was more interested in the team and bringing people in then he was in getting some massive contract to stroke his ego and line his pockets. Believe me... after three Superbowl victories coming off the bench he would of had every right too demand that kind of contract, but he didn't. He's even been quoted as saying that he feels that NFL players get paid to much and they are lucky to get the money they do for simply playing the game they love playing. I absolutely guarantee you the reason this deal is taking so long isn't because Brady is trying to get some ridiculous 120 million dollar contract. What is more then likely going on behind the scenes is that if he takes less then what he's valued at as one of the top QBs in the NFL the Patriots will pay to keep key players around him. I mean lets just consider everything that Randy Moss has been saying about not being in the Patriots future plans. I'd bet you good money that Brady is trying to make it so that by taking less that means they will keep Moss around for the foreseeable future. And I wouldn't be surprised if the length of his contract dispute, and I use the word dispute VERY lightly, also has something to do with Logan Mankins contract situation. If you know anything with about the Patriots you'd know that Tom Brady has made a point of becoming good friends with his offensive lineman which is actually very smart because if your line cares about you personally and you have got that chemistry with them then it helps you all the more when you are playing in the pocket. Considering that Logan Mankins is probably the best at what he does in the NFL then I would assume Brady has a vested interest in keep him around for the long-term.

Fact is... despite what some people choose to believe about him Tom Brady is the ultimate team player. He is a champion and it is more about winning then it is about personal monetary gain. He's a smart enough guy to realize that he's completely set for life even off of one longterm 60 million dollar contract. I certainly wouldn't be surprised if he went ahead and signed on for another one. He is all about his team and the legacy he leaves in New England after he retires. He doesn't talk much about it if at all because it just isn't his style, but Tom Brady wants to go down as the best QB in NFL history and he understands that doesn't happen if you deplete your organization of funds that could be used to surround himself with all the right pieces to achieve his goal of being the best ever. The Patriots are currently one of the wealthiest teams in the NFL and Brady taking a smaller contract to benefit the organization as a whole works in everyones favor especially considering the possibility of an uncapped year. Believe me Tom Brady, Bill Belichick, Robert Kraft and the rest of the Patriots organization know exactly what they are doing and people that believe otherwise are just along for the ride.