2010 Fantasy Football Redraft Rankings, Player Capsules: Wide Receivers

John ZaktanskyCorrespondent IJuly 25, 2010

ATLANTA - DECEMBER 27:  Roddy White #84 of the Atlanta Falcons pulls in this touchdown reception against Reggie Corner #27 of the Buffalo Bills at Georgia Dome on December 27, 2009 in Atlanta, Georgia.  (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
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Once upon a time, wide receivers were as exciting in fantasy circles as a rubber band. But the world just keeps evolving.

The realm of rubber bands have been revolutionized by the silly band. Similarly, in fantasy football, receivers have become all the rage.

And rightfully so. With the emergence of running backs by committee, fantasy football has evolved yet again, leaving the rest of us to either adapt or suffer the consequences.

Factoring in a slew of new up-and-coming receiving talents, here are my 2010 wide receiver redraft rankings:


1. Andre Johnson, HOU

His age, size, speed and overall skill set make him a nightmare to cover and the top target in an excessively pass-happy offense that will see plenty of shootouts throughout the season.


2. Randy Moss, NE

Remember, this isn’t a dynasty ranking. Moss always plays better when he has something to prove. When he has a chip on his shoulder. When he’s playing for his next contract.

He has all three going for him in 2010, and will see ample targets as the Patriots attempt one last hurrah before a potential changing of the guard. Moss will have an elite 2010. After that is anyone’s guess.


3. Roddy White, ATL

Shocked? Don’t be. Just look at Roddy’s consistency the past three seasons…even last year when Matt Ryan faced some growing pains.

Ryan will rise from the ashes of his sophomore disappointment to post solid numbers, with Roddy White being benefactor 1A.


4. Reggie Wayne, IND

The only certainties in life are death, taxes and that Reggie Wayne will post elite receiver stats.

A bit of a logjam for the Colts passing game with the return of Anthony Gonzalez and a small decrease in stats across the second half of last season leave me ranking Wayne here, but he could easily finish as the top fantasy receiver this season, too.

5. Larry Fitzgerald, ARI

The only uncertainty here begins and ends with the quarterback. Sure, the loss of Kurt Warner will likely affect Fitz’s numbers...slightly.

I do think that Matt Leinart will need a big reliable receiver much like an infant relies on a favorite blankey or binky.


6. Calvin Johnson, DET

The Lions will be playing from behind plenty this season. Johnson and Matthew Stafford started showing signs of developed chemistry as the season wore on last year.

The addition of Nate Burleson will help keep defenses from gang-covering Johnson. This all means a resurgence for the talented young pass catcher.


7. Miles Austin, DAL

Plenty of people are very high on Austin. I’m totally on the fence. Hard to get uber-excited just yet over a receiver who hasn’t proven his worth for an extended amount of time.

Also curious to see how things are divvied out to an offense that gained an elite rookie receiver in Dez Bryant and promoted backfield receiving option Felix Jones to top dog running back.


8. Greg Jennings, GB

Coming off a down season by most people’s standards, Jennings was affected more by a slipshod O-line and Aaron Rodgers’ scramble for his life.

Look at his stats later in the season when the O-line solidified a little. This season, Green Bay’s line is much improved, and Jennings numbers will follow suit.


9. DeSean Jackson, PHI

If you haven’t read Larry Fitzgerald’s capsule above, do so now. Then insert Donovan McNabb into Kurt Warner’s slot and Kevin Kolb’s name in for Matt Leinart. Except Jackson isn’t as talented as Larry Fitz, hence the lower ranking here.


10. Brandon Marshall, MIA

If Marshall can make Kyle Orton look semi-legitimate, imagine what he can do with a young, talented Chad Henne?

Offseason hip surgery may hamper him somewhat this summer and may affect his early season a tad, but Marshall is talented enough to net you plenty a fantasy point. If only he was more stable off the field.

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