Majority Vote: Who Will Be The Most Successful Rookie Safety in 2010?

Dustin BrownCorrespondent IIJuly 23, 2010

In today's annual gridiron meets, passing is the most important aspect when it comes to victory. Evolution is taking place quickly, as the hard-nosed approach of smashmouth football has vanished. The AFC Champion Colts, for example, rely heavily on the air while the ground is just another change of pace.

With the aforementioned paragraph, it's assumed the safety position is destined to become vital on the turf. Even certain strong safeties like Adrian Wilson and Atari Bigby have transformed into game-changers. The free safety spot is more of a ballhawk position, thus the new breed is conforming to the faster, stronger wide-outs.

That said, the 2010 NFL Draft contained multiple safeties that will become field generals as time progresses. Taylor Mays and Eric Berry were atop the speculation while Nate Allen is another sudden asset. However, none of the above athletes will be the best rookie safety of 2010.

While talent is undoubtedly the most attractive trait, intangibles and personality is being exposed as well. Old-school coaches are fed up with the weakened work ethic, therefore raising its own stock.

Major Wright, former Florida Gators free safety, has the perfect combination of strength, speed, awareness, and intangibles. Size, you may ask? Well, while Major stands at 5'11", former Chicago Bear Mike Brown proved that heart is stronger than size. had some kind words to opinionate on Mr. Wright, in which every safety test was passed with flying colors. Here's what CBS Sports had to say:

"Analysis Read & React: Can key and diagnose. Reads the action quickly and gets there with efficient footwork and good straight-line speed. Plenty of range for coverage over the deep half. Struggled with questionable angles early in his career but showed improvements in 2009."

"Zone Coverage: Tall in his backpedal though he has good balance and relatively loose hips to turn and run. Good acceleration and straight-line speed to cover his area. Experienced and alert in zone coverage."

If you are interested in Major's entire pre-draft analysis, click the link.

CBS Sports also stated many people close to Florida's program claimed Wright to have the best intangibles in the Gators' football team. Days after having surgery on his thumb, he returned to play against Georgia.

Many fans have not a clue regarding Major Wright, but the Florida native is by far the most durable safety in his draft class, appearing in every single game possible. Also, the 75th overall pick has hitting ability comparable to Taylor Mays, but with coverage abilities that should prove apparent in 2010.

The final reason why Major Wright will be the most successful safety next year is his surroundings. Chicago fits his playing style perfectly, a city that feeds off of hard-hitting players who work harder. Not only is it a perfect hit, but the defense that is in place can shut down opposing offenses with mentors like Chris Harris and Brian Urlacher.


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