Something's Phishy: Phillip Merling Conveniently Turns Up Injured

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Something's Phishy: Phillip Merling Conveniently Turns Up Injured
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Just a week after being formally charged for felonious aggravated battery, it seems Phillip Merling has sustained a severe tear to his Achilles tendon. According to Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald, it is a season- ending injury. 

I smell a rat.

Even before his unfortunate incident in May that ultimately led to official charges being filed last week, rumors had been flying that Merling's job was in serious jeopardy; a lack of production, and standout playmaking ability being the root cause for speculation.

It seems all too convenient that only a week following the revelation that Merling may be due not only for team and league disciplinary action, but for possible jail-time, that the 25-year-old DE would just so happen to suffer such an injury.

If early reports are true, and Merling tore his Achilles tendon while taking part in a football-related workout, it would guarantee that the Dolphins would end up having to pay him the full $600,000 stipulated in his contract for the year. 

Obviously, being released would have carried no such guarantees. In fact, the Dolphins could have saved over a million dollars by cutting him. Now, they may be forced to place him on IR, which would negate the possibility of trade or release this season.

If Phillip Merling truly is injured, I want to see the X-rays.   

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