A Few Notes: Hawkins Returning?

AlexAnalyst IJuly 29, 2008

The trade deadline is Thursday afternoon, and it still looks as if the Twins will make no major move for a third basemen or any type of solid bat. It is a little disappointing to see, but it’s nothing that we probably should have put much hope into anyways.

The team will likely make some sort of small move, and it could be LaTroy Hawkins heading back to Minnesota. It was reported yesterday by a few sources that the Twins have had some interest in brining Hawkins back since the Yankees designated him for assignment a few days ago.

Now today we have heard from Joe Christensen that it looks to be between the Twins and Tigers for Hawkins’ services.

The Yankees will likely trade him sometime before the deadline, so we’ll see what happens very soon. I’d take him over Boof as he is a setup man and always pitched well with the Twins before he departed. At the same time I won’t be upset if we can’t get something done to bring him back.

Everett Still There

The Twins need to make a decision very soon on what to do with Adam Everett after his 20-day rehab finished on Sunday. Despite some rumors that the Dodgers were interested, that has been proved otherwise.

La Velle has reported tonight that Everett is expected to meet with the organization tonight and that his locker has not been cleaned out. A move should be made fairly soon, and I personally would be surprised if he returns from the disabled list with the Twins.

The Twins won game one of this critical series and a win tonight against the Sox rookie pitcher would mean they will at least not be damaged by this series in the standings. Lets hope they can get it done.