Stop Complaining! Brett Favre Headlines Going Just as Expected

Peter LomuscioCorrespondent IJuly 21, 2010

NEW ORLEANS - JANUARY 24:  Brett Favre #4 of the Minnesota Vikings warms up against the New Orleans Saints during the NFC Championship Game at the Louisiana Superdome on January 24, 2010 in New Orleans, Louisiana. The Saints won 31-28 in overtime.  (Photo by Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images)
Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images

With the LeBron James free agency saga concluded all major sports entertainment, sources have now focused their attention onto the lightning rod of storylines in Brett Favre.

Everyone may be sick of hearing a different angle of the same old Favre story on a daily basis, but lets look at the situation as a whole carefully.

Is anything really being handled wrongly by any of the parties involved?

The Minnesota Vikings and head coach Brad Childress have to give off the impression that they aren’t aware that Favre has made his final decision because they want to portray themselves as still running the show and controlling the situation (as far fetched as that may be).

The Vikings also want Favre back as an organization and Super Bowl contender more than any fan out there. They know that their only shot at winning the Vince Lombardi Trophy is with No. 4 under center.

They also know that Favre is going to be 41 in a few months, and with 20 years of NFL experience under his belt and coming off ankle surgery, there is absolutely no reason to strain him by putting him through a grueling preseason. 

Meanwhile, Brett Favre has to point out that he hasn’t completely decided if he is going to return due to his recovery from his recent surgery. This provides a legitimate reason why he is missing camp other than the obvious motive, which is just that he is skipping it because he has earned his right to do so and it is necessary for him to survive the physicality of a full NFL season.

So, what is it that is driving everyone crazy about Brett Favre again?

It is the media and how they are constantly feeling the need to put out an update and story on Favre’s every move.

Does ESPN really have to camp out on this guy’s front yard anymore?

Do they have to put a tracking device on every plane and automobile Favre gets on?

No, they do not, but it gives them something to do everyday, so they do it. Unfortunately, they feel the need to constantly report the most meaningless updates on every single show that airs throughout the day—which then annoys the spectators, who subsequently develop an unnecessary hate for the legend.

So, don’t begin to compare Favre’s stay in the headlines to the attention-seeking LeBron James fiasco and his hour-long prime-time show that he put together just to announce his destination of where to take his talents.

Brett Favre is not taking us all for a ride in a secret mission to quench his starvation for the public’s attention. He is simply doing what he has to do that is best for his health and the team’s image as the season approaches.

There really is no need for further headlines or updates for the rest of the summer, as we all know how it is going to play out.

Favre is going to stay fresh by working out at a local high school until he is needed for some minimal preseason work that will be necessary to get the offense flowing.

Sports outlets will go back and forth creating debates of if he will play or not and blast him for flip-flopping and holding the Vikings hostage, when he is doing neither.

He will be under center for the NFL’s season-opener against the defending Super Bowl Champion New Orleans Saints, and as usual, he will most likely succeed in getting his revenge.

From that point on, we will leave it to Favre to fill in the pages of the end of his legendary career, but it would come to no one’s surprise to see this guy ride off into the sunset on top where he belongs, because he has made a whole career of proving the doubters wrong.

So, enjoy what most likely will be Favre’s last season on the gridiron once and for all this time around—for his courageous, entertaining play on the field will be missed sorely when it is officially gone—and don’t let the constantly annoying media storylines blur your vision of one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history.