Winning Fantasy Football: There's No App for That

Lizz Robbins@Lizzs_LockeroomContributor IJuly 21, 2010

Trust me, if there was a Fantasy Football app it would be one of the most downloaded sports related applications.

The NFL Draft in April begins the process for fantasy owner's of thinking about which rookie has fantasy potential. With training camp only a few days away, some of us have already had several mock drafts. Any great fantasy owner knows never to draft prior to preseason...we all know the consequences.

After years of being an “almost” champion, I finally won last year; thank you Matt Schaub. My challenge now is to beat my big brother. When it comes to Fantasy Football, he’s the Peyton to my Eli.

Online drafts are cool, but there’s nothing like a live draft. As we head into another Fantasy Football season, and you prepare for your draft, I have composed a few Do’s and Don'ts to help you out.

Good Luck!



Do: Study multiple fantasy books and websites for different points of view (my favorite is Sporting News).

Do: List your top five picks in each position before you draft.

Do: Draft team combos (QB/WR, i.e. Matt Schaub/Andre Johnson).

Do: Check out every teams “bye” week.

Do: Set your pre-draft rankings (if it’s an auto-online draft).

Do: Use your next to last pick on a kicker (no brainer).

Do: Take a chance on a rookie, but wait until the late rounds (unless they are a guaranteed starter).

Do: Read your league’s rules. Know what you can and cannot do within your league (trades, etc).

Do: Bring a fantasy book with a cheat sheet to the draft.

Do: If you’re hosting the draft, have the GM’s bring food and drinks. (Can't draft on an empty stomach.)

Do: Pay your money on time if it’s a money league; respect the league owner.

Do: Have a cool fantasy team name like “My TD’s Are Real”, “Flea Flickers”, etc.



Don’t: Come to the draft with “excuses” of why you didn’t win last year.

Don’t: Draft in Order: QB, RB, RB, WR, etc. You want the best player that’s still available.

Don’t: Pick the majority of your players from your favorite team.

Don’t: Try to call an “audible” during a live draft. Once you’ve said your pick out loud, it’s yours.

Don’t: Make any crazy trades before the draft, if you’re in a keeper league. They may know something you don’t.

Don’t: Share a team with someone who has no clue about fantasy football (and if you do, don't let them set the lineup alone).

Don’t: Be too quick to draft a camp holdout, they usually don’t do well in fantasy.

Don’t: Draft anyone on the Madden cover (Okay, I know it’s just an Urban Legend, but still).

Don’t: Bring your significant other to the draft (no time to entertain, this is serious business).

Don’t: Come to the draft without bringing something, i.e. food (see Do’s).

Don’t: Make a sound effect when someone makes a good or bad pick. Stay quiet.


My Top Picks:

Peyton Manning, Chris Johnson, Andre Johnson, Jason Witten, Jets Defense.

My Sleeper Pick:

Matt Leinart (Boldin may be gone, but that guy Larry Fitzgerald is still there).

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