Does Losing Alexi Casilla Make The Twins Buyers at The Deadline?

Dan WadeSenior Analyst IJuly 29, 2008

In baseball, as in life, timing is everything. Had Alexi Casilla been diagnosed with a torn ligament in his right thumb over the weekend, the Twins would have had a much more difficult time patching the hole.

As it is, Bill Smith and his crew have a little over 36 hours to figure out if Casilla is really done for the year and whether or not they want to reach outside the organization to help stem the tide. Losing Casilla is a big loss for the Twins, who have suffered more than their fair share of hand injuries this year, and his bat won't be easily replaced from inside the organization.

The Twins could move Carlos Gomez back up to the two-spot in order to approximate Casilla's influence, after all, they are only 70 points of OBP apart. Realistically, the Twins should move Joe Mauer into Casilla's spot in the lineup and take this chance to look for an impact bat.

Despite his mediocre outing tonight, Glen Perkins' trade value is likely at or near its highest possible point, making him a great trade piece, especially with Francisco Liriano ready to take his spot as soon as Thursday.

Baseball Prosepctus' guru Will Carrol reported that the Twins were being suspiciously passive as the deadline drew closer, but at that point,  they had no glaring holes to patch. Brian Buscher was a decent option at third base and the rest of the lineup seemed pretty much set.

Now, the Twins almost certainly need another bat and should use this chance to cinch up 3B for next year and beyond as Nick Punto moves to second and Brendan Harris stays at short for the rest of the year. No matter what they choose to do, Adam Everett cannot and must not be a part of it.

The Twins activated him today, hopefully as a late inning defensive replacement and nothing else. Allowing Everett to get a large number of ABs in Casilla's absence instead of trying to improve the team via trade would be the latest in a long string of incredibly poor decisions by the front office at the deadline.

This would be similar to Terry Ryan's misguided belief that "Getting Rondell White off of the DL is as good as making a trade.” Bill Smith has a tough task and not very long to do it, but the Twins have shown him that they are serious about winning this year, now it is his turn to show the team that he, and the rest of the front office, are serious about making their dreams a reality.