A Retrospective Look at The Bonehead

Geoff TownsendAnalyst IJuly 29, 2008

Two hours removed from an emergency surgery to repair a tendon in my toe that had been cut by a falling food processor blade, I find myself looking back at the athletes who have suffered similar bouts of fate.

It was not a proud feeling admitting to a doctor that I dropped the blade as I prepared a pico de gallo to dress a chicken dinner, nor was I too fond of my reaction to the four shots of anesthesia, but I will sleep well tonight knowing that I am not alone in my stupidity.

I began recalling awkward headlines and comical press conferences where players or team representatives had to explain why they weren't in the starting lineup.  I settled on five of my personal favorites.

Brian Griese. 

After a few cold ones in May of 2002, Griese claimed his dog came barreling down the stairs and tripped him, causing a sprained ankle and nearly caused him to miss a game.

Scott Williamson.

Williamson's season ended earlier than expected in 2002 when he slammed the bathroom door against his foot, breaking two toes.  He finished the season on the disabled list.

Sammy Sosa.

Oh Sammy.  Sosa's 2004 stint on the disabled list was caused by violent sneezing.  When asked about it he admitted it was embarrassing and that he wished it would have happened "running into the wall or from being in a fight with somebody."

Goose Gossage and two others have also spent time on the DL, where their status was listed as DL-Sneezing.

John Smoltz.

Smoltz missed time with burns to his chest after ironing a shirt he was still wearing.

Ricky Henderson.

After falling asleep on an ice pack, Henderson was treated for frostbite and missed several games.

These are in no particular order, but they say enough.