San Francisco 49ers Need to Wake Up, Bring In New QB

Omar BrownCorrespondent IJuly 18, 2010

CHICAGO - DECEMBER 13:  Linebacker Mike Singletary #50 of the Chicago Bears looks on from the sidelines during a game against the Pittsburgh Steelers at Soldier Field Stadium on December 13, 1992 in Chicago, Illinois.  The Bears won 30-6.  (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Mike Singletary, head coach of the 49ers, needs to think about looking into bringing in another quarterback to compete for the starting role.

Otherwise he may be forced to trade his second round pick, check that; if Kyle Orton emerges to break-out status by Week 6, Singletary will more than likely need to break out a first-round selection from next season's NFL draft. 

Given Josh McDaniels' itchy trigger finger, Orton is more than likely going to be on the trading blocks this season so Tim Tebow can take the reigns in Denver for the Broncos come Week 7.

What the 49ers need now more than ever is a quarterback.

The days when a powerhouse defense could single-handedly dominate the league are over.

We are in an entirely new era. The modern game has evolved to the point that if you do not possess a top-flight passing offense in this league, you can all but hang it up, especially when you are fielding one of the worst quarterbacks in the league.

Only one team since Ray Lewis winning Super Bowl XXXV MVP, on Jan. 28, 2001,
had a defense that dominated its way to the top of the league, despite having a mediocre passing offense.

That was the Giants.  The caveat is that Eli not only had the fourth-best QB rating in the postseason, but that Manning managed to win the Super Bowl XLII MVP. 

Alex Smith, how long are the 49ers going to allow themselves to carry this ball and chain of a quarterback? Week 5? Week 6?

The deadline immediately follows Week 6 so now is the time to start entertaining how long you will force your team to have this albatross wrapped around its neck.

This reminds me of a karate movie I saw back in the day, where this fighter had about 50lbs tied to his legs and was forced to try and jump out of a four-foot hole with them on.

Right when he was just about able to leap out weeks later, he fell through the floor in the hole, and plunged 15 feet down in it. He cried for his master, and his master came and told the fighter to jump out.

The fighter claimed that it was an impossible feet,  then the zen master told him to take off the weights. The fighter took off the weights, and low and behold he not only jumped out of the hole but did so while doing a gainer 10 feet in the air above the hole.

18 TD's for your season high, while going into the sixth season of your career does not a starting QB make in my opinion.

As long as the 49ers defense can hold an opponent to an average of six points, you can chalk up a win for Alex Smith, because that is how everyone of his wins last season came to fruition.

With Smith at the helm for 11 games last season; 49ers only won five and lost six.

Speaking of only five wins, here is an interesting take on the five of the 49ers franchise quarterback's game results.

Would you believe he turned the ball over 11 times in just five games?

Your total is a 62 QB rating when you add the ratings and average them out.

Smiths TD to INT ratio is 6 to 10.

IND 1/1 TD/INT 74.7 QB rating
TEN 2/3 TD/INT 69.3 He lost one of his two fumbles as well
CHI 0/1 TD/INT 63.3 QB rating
ARI 2/2 TD/INT 59.7 QB rating
PHI 1/3 TD/INT 42.3 QB rating

Smith is tied with three other QB's for being 26th worst in the league for average yard per pass attempt.

This is the best the 49ers can do? Then to bring in David Carr, why that's just adding insult to injury.