Raiders Suprise 2010 Opening Day Offensive Line!!

Dondi RaiderContributor IJuly 17, 2010

Training camp is a few weeks away and the Raider Nation cannot wait!  2010 is the year we finally get to the playoffs.  A lot of changes that have been discussed over and over - are going to make an exciting year!

Lets address the O Line and who is there and who might just be in the starting lineup opening day, injuries aside.

Here's the deal on the left side.

Let's face it, Mario Henderson, unless he acts like Kwame Harris in the preseason, will protect our NFL caliber QB Jason Campbell's blindside.  At Left Guard, Robert Gallery, will finally get his due recognition by getting voted into the Pro Bowl.

Moving over to the right side, we can expect Cooper Carlisle to open up at Right Guard.  Everyone is hoping that 4th rounder Bruce Campbell can grow by leaps and bounds and take the position away during the preseason.  Not that he can't, but we jwill just wait and see. At Right Tackle, Langston should edge out Kalif Barnes.

Lastly, at Center, no not Sam Satele.  No not Kevin Mawae; we are not bring back Jim Otto either.  And certainly not Chris Morris.  Who?  How about some guy named..........

Jared Veldheer, our third round draft pick!  Sure he played his entire collegiate career as a tackle, but here’s the logic.

We plan on mixing a zone blocking system and a power blocking system this year to keep defenses off guard (novel idea).  Our centers, since Robbins MIA at the Super bowl, have been a sore spot-a weak link.  We know that you are only as strong as your weakest link, so this makes sense. 

If you need precedence, I give you All-Pro Center Don Mosebar, also drafted as a tackle.  Check out Veldheer's body type - prototypical arm length for a Center, not a Tackle.  Cable talked about his long torso and excellent bend at the hips.  He also got reps there in OTA's.  Lastly, lets remember that 3-4 defenses, which we see more often ( All other AFC West Teams) have huge nose tackles.  Why not a huge center?

So there you have it, our starting five....Henderson, Gallery, Carlisle, Walker and yes you heard it here first, JARED VELDEER at center.

Regardless, bleed Silver & Black!!!