Will Brett Favre Return to Minnesota Vikings? Signs Say Yes!

Derek SmithCorrespondent IJuly 15, 2010

As the 2010 NFL season draws ever closer, a big question remains unanswered for the Minnesota Vikings: Will Brett Favre return for one more go around?

I believe the answer is quite simply, yes.

And I can tell you why. Brett Favre has told numerous sources that his beaten and battered body does not bother him.

He has also said that IF anything kept him from playing, it would be the ankle. As far as we know, the ankle is getting better every day.  


Aside from Brett's own statements and innuendos leading us to believe that his return is imminent, let's look at the other reasons he will return.

Look into that man's eyes and tell me you don't see a passion for the game. Favre understands the game of football better than anyone else. It is what he lives for.

Brett Favre and his family have been through just about everything life can throw at them (wife's cancer, father's death, addiction to pain killers), and they have prevailed. 

He is a natural born winner. 

It's all he knows.

When Brett speaks about the game, his face lights up. Have you seen the way he conducts himself on the field?  He is like a child who just threw the game-winning touchdown pass in the Pop Warner championships.

He truly loves the game. 

And who can retire from play at 19 years? You have go out on an even 20, right?

The way Favre speaks about his body, health, and ankle injury shows me that he is not really that concerned about it. If it were a real issue, I like to think he would do what was best for himself and his family—retire.

Do some research and you will find that pretty much everything he has said about returning looks positive for the Minnesota Vikings. 

Just two months ago he said, "It sure would be great to beat the Saints." Even Drew Brees has gone on record to say that he believes Brett will return.

What about the possibility of being injury prone?

What about it? 

Like I said, Brett will do what is best for Brett. When he returns to the field, the ankle and everything else will be just fine. 

Favre is a 40-year-old man, and no one is saying that he will be 100 percent, but he will be in playing condition come game time. 

I would love to see Brett Favre return for one more great season, and I believe he still has one in him.

Signing off,

Derek Smith