New York Mets Midterm Report Card: Hitters

Mets ParadiseCorrespondent IAugust 16, 2016

Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

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The Mets hitters have improved from last year, where they hit only 99 home runs all season. This season, they already have 70, but there is still room for improvement for the second half.  Here's a breakdown of their offense:

Hitters :

  • Rod Barajas : He carried this team for the first part of the first half but has fell off towards the end. Early, he brought a lot of power to the plate, but we haven't seen it recently. Still, he had a pretty decent first half. GRADE: B
  • Henry Blanco : He's been a very solid backup catcher both defensively and offensively.  GRADE: B+
  • Josh Thole : Wow, this kid can hit. He doesn't have power but puts the ball in play and has gotten some key pinch-hits for this team. Not sure it's a good idea to keep three catchers on the team, but I really don't want to send down a guy hitting .529. GRADE: A
  • Luis Castillo : His average isn't as high as we'd like to see it, and he only has three extra base hits on the year. While the power has not been there this year, he does get on base. His .347 OBP is good for his .241 average. GRADE: C
  • Alex Cora : OK fielder, bad hitter, but a great guy to have in the clubhouse. When he does get hits they seem to always drive in runs. He has 32 hits this season and 20 RBI. Still, that .222 average kind of…sucks. GRADE: C
  • Ike Davis : He's been a savior for this team. Fantastic fielder who has brought some much needed power to the line-up. He ended the first half on a bit of a slump, but who hasn't in the Mets line-up?     GRADE: A-
  • Jose Reyes : At the beginning of the season, I was scared he wouldn't be able to be the Jose we were used to seeing.  However, he has really turned it on and finished the second half hitting .275, impressive considering he was hitting .211 on May 21st. He has 19 stolen bases, but I would like to see some more out of him. He dealt with the injury in his right oblique muscle toward the end of the first half which forced him to miss some games and hit only from the right side of the plate. Hopefully he'll be ready for the second half of the season. GRADE: B+
  • Fernando Tatis : He can't field and he can't hit. I don't know how he is still on this team. GRADE: F
  • Ruben Tejada : Though his numbers aren't great, he's been doing a very nice job filling in. The 20-year old has shown that he has a great glove and the potential to have a decent bat. I would like to see him be more aggressive on the base paths. Looks like he will be sent down once Castillo returns. GRADE: B-
  • David Wright : If it wasn't for all his strike outs he'd be having the best season of his career. .314 average, 14 home runs, 65 RBI, 15 stolen bases, and the highest fielding percentage of his career—this guy can do it all. The 97 strike outs are a little scary, but he's having an MVP type year. GRADE: A
  • Jason Bay : Six home runs? Really, Jason? You're better than that. His average was in the .280's for a little while and even got up to .307 before going back down to .265. Really looking forward to a big second half from you. See me after class, Jason. GRADE: D+
  • Jeff Francoeur : Started off the season red hot, but cooled down quickly. Now it appears, with the return of Carlos Beltran, he'll be moved to the bench. Has a great arm in right field and has some power, but he is too streaky a hitter. GRADE: C+
  • Angel Pagan : He's like the R.A. Dickey of the offense. He has stepped up big when the team has needed him and it doesn't look like he is going anywhere. When you talk about All-Star snubs, you would have to throw Pagan's name into the mix. He is sporting a .315 average with 6 home runs, 40 RBI, and 19 stolen bases. And, he's a Gold Glove-caliber center fielder. The Mets are really lucky they have this guy. GRADE: A+
  • Chris Carter : I'm the professor, so I'm allowed to play favorites. Carter was snubbed from the team in the beginning of the season, which just made him angry. He went down to the minors and tore the cover off the ball until the Mets were forced to bring him up. The guy is a pure ball player who knows how to play the game. Solid bat to have coming off the bench, I don't care what the numbers say.  GRADE: B+

Even though the offense tapered off toward the end of the first half, they have been doing a pretty solid job. The addition of Beltran will be a huge lift for this team, making their line-up stronger, their defense better, and adding more depth to their bench. That's the offensive evaluation for the Mets. Now, they have to make some pitching improvements.