Denver Broncos Success Depends on the Trench War

Gabriel VesperasContributor IJuly 14, 2010

DENVER - NOVEMBER 02:  The Denver Bronco offensive line prepares for the snap against the Miami Dolphins during NFL action at Invesco Field at Mile High on November 2, 2008 in Denver, Colorado. The Dolphins defeated the Broncos 26-17.  (Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)
Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

With all the moves that Denver has done since McD came in, this is where he will leave his stamp on the team: The O-line.

Yes, the Broncos had Jay, Brandon, and Tony at your skill positions, but that is the past.

Josh's biggest values that he inherited from the offense are Clady and Harris. Remember, any coach that is known for being a good coach had good players. The team has to be on the same sheet for success.

If their are a lot of distractions, your team will fall—it doesn't matter how many Pro Bowl players that you have; ask the Cowboys about that.

The trench war is the key for the Broncos to have success in 2010. The reason that I say that is because they have newly-acquired skill position players that are still learning the system or are rookies and have a lot to learn really quick. Ryan Clady is probably the biggest factor, his recovery is essential if the Broncos want to be contenders.

New additions Beadles, JD, and the Olsen boys will have to learn the system quick to be factors in the Broncos dominating on offense.

This is how I project the offensive line will look:

LT Ryan Clady, 6'6" 325: This kid is one of the best at his position and is still learning—that is what makes him scary. He is very powerful and already has taken on some of the best defensive players in the league. The only downside is going to be how long it takes for him to be at 100 percent.

LT Tyler Polumbus, 6'8" 300: Tyler will probably start if Ryan is not ready. McD doesn't like to start players if they are not healthy. I like Beadles, but he will have to show that he knows the playbook and can adjust to the speed of NFL defenders. Tyler knows the offense and is a natural left tackle.

LG Zane Beadles, 6'4" 305: Zane will have to make an immediate impact on the line. I think that he is the most versatile O-line player that the Broncos have, which is greatly needed because of injuries, but this is where I think he will land and be the starter for years to come.

LG Seth Olsen, 6'5" 308: Seth could start if Beadles doesn't work out or if injuries move him to a different spot. The good thing is that Seth knows the offense and can provide much-needed depth. I think that Beadles beats Seth out for starting, but this will be the hardest O-line decision that McD has to make.

C JD Walton, 6'3" 305: He will be McDaniels' best offensive line player that he has drafted so far. JD will win the starting job at center and will be the leader of the line for years to come. He reminds me of a Nick Mangold type of player. I know that is a bold prediction but the Broncos are known for having great centers and I think it will continue with JD.

C Dustin Frye, 6'3" 326: I'm not sure if he will make the team because of the addition of Eric Olsen, who could also play center, but Frye looks like the best option right now to be the backup.

RG Chris Kuper, 6'4" 303: Chris will continue to start at right guard. He plays with a mean streak and is undervalued because of the success of Clady and Harris, but make no mistake—Chris is the man who will open up holes in the interior of the offense and Denver knows that they had to lock up Chris so that their rookies can learn the system.

RG Eric Olsen, 6'4" 305: Eric is one of the smartest O-line players that the Broncos have. He could also play center but experts believe that he will be a better guard.

RT Ryan Harris, 6'5" 300: Ryan is the second best O-line player that the Broncos have and is also one of the best right tackles in the league. With that said, he to must be healthy for the Broncos to succeed. A quick reminder is when he went down so did the team. He could be the biggest factor once Tebow gets the starting job.

RT Tyler or Beadles: If Harris goes down it will be between these two to back him up, the same with Clady.

With the cohesion of this O-line they will open up holes for Moreno to be a huge star and give enough time for Orton to pick apart the defense. The skill players can develop and I really like the future of the Broncos.

The O-line is the foundation that Josh is building his offense around. Just think: once Tebow, Thomas, and Decker learn the system, the Broncos could be a force to reckon with because they started with the O-line.