With All the Browns Bashin, It's About Time Cleveland Shut Them Up

Shane Quinn Contributor IIJuly 14, 2010

I have recently been hearing about this so called negativity regarding my beloved Browns, and I think it's wrong, although somewhat justified.

I know the Browns have been tremendously horrible over the past few years, and their performance during last season's first 12 games was horrendous.

But after reading everyone's predictions, I think this negativity shows how the media are shunning the Browns, and are more biased toward the Steelers, Ravens, and Bengals.

They have a right to put the Browns at the very bottom, but I guess they didn't watch the last four games, where the Browns actually played like a good team during their four game winning streak at the end of the season.

One columnist on Bleacher Report, predicted that the Browns would go 4-12 this upcoming season. Maybe so, if it WERE the same team from last year.

But this isn't Romeo Crennel's Browns, or even Butch Davis'. These Browns are a mix of Holmgren's added credibility and leadership, and Mangini's toughness and intelligence.

These Browns will mess your team the &#$&U$**# up! They're ready to take you down, and if they go down, they're going down swinging, unlike under the previous regimes. They are much meaner and more physical than ever.

The physicality and toughness were displayed in the last four games. The Browns literally and figuratively will out-man and out-run you. Jerome Harrison went crazy in the last four games, amassing his totals for the year with 862 yards and a 4.4 average.

For the people who want to bash the Browns, please go ahead. It will only fuel the fire that the Browns need. And in fact, by mid-week of the regular season, these Browns will be making all you fools eat crow for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.