What Did I Learn Today? Top Stories Of July 28th, 2008

BAnalyst IJuly 28, 2008

Hola, I'm here tonight to present you with my new series that highlights the top stories of the day in each major sport and one wildcard sport. Also, the series presents you with one thing to watch tomorrow and an in-depth "This Day in Sports History" section. Also on Sunday I will have a weekly review article along with the top stories of the day (separate articles).

Anyway, this is an odd time to start the series since I am going away tomorrow and won't be back until Friday, and it is one of the slowest times of the year for sports, but I don't have anything better to do other than go give my grandmom a bath and watch a yo yo tournament, so I'm just going to start the series now. Here we go!

Major League Baseball

Manny is being Manny again, but this time it is different. Now that he has said some things about a trade (I don't know, I couldn't understand his mumbling in his interview), there have been some rumors about the Red Sox looking around for some possible suitors. But my questions is, who would want him? He is an aging star that you will have to pay $6 million for the rest of this season and he will probably just leave to be a free-agent at the end of the year anyway. Plus he will bring a lot of media and hoopla with him. So why go after him? That's why I see him staying with Boston and leaving at the end of the year.

National Football League

I'm usually very happy to write about football but today I just don't want to because the top story was Brett Favre and I really don't care about him anymore (sorry John Madden). But I have to write about him, so let's get to it.

Yes Brett Favre and the Packers still headline the NFL news (mostly because it is the start of training camp, and the only other big thing in the NFL right now is contracts and injuries). Aaron Rodgers took his first snaps as a starter today in practice, and we are still waiting Brett Favre to send that letter in that he has supposedly signed so we can hurry this whole circus up.

National Basketball Association

The top story of the NBA today is the fact that Tim Donaghy will be sentenced to jail time tomorrow. His sentence is not supposed to be sentenced as long as recent gamblers because of his cooperation with federal agents. Man, what a sad time of the year in the NBA; the top story hasn't even happened yet...ouch.

National Hockey League

This is the worst time of year for the NHL, and quite frankly there wasn't a thing going on in the NHL today. I'm bummed out now, I love hockey! Oh well...


Wow, what a terrible day in the world of sports...the only top story in sports besides the major sports was the AFL Arena Bowl, which happened yesterday! Oh well, I will have to do.

Yes that is right, Philadelphia won a championship. Curse is over, right? No way you silly little fools. Nobody cares about the Soul in Philadelphia, and the parade that is going to be held for them on Thursday will be as pathetic as Ozzy Osborne singing "Take Me Out to the Ball Game". Plus, the curse only counts for the four major teams (eh, maybe three teams, nobody here cares about the Sixers either).

This Day in Sports History

On this day in 1994, pitcher Kenny Rogers of the Texas Rangers threw a perfect game. The team he threw the perfect game against was the California Angels. The final score was Rangers 4, Angels 0, the game was played at The Ballpark in Arlington (night game), the game was caught by Ivan "Pudge" Rodriguez, the attendance of the game was 46,581, the home plate umpire was Ed Bean, and the total game time was 2:08. You can see the box score of the game here: http://www.retrosheet.org/boxesetc/1994/B07280TEX1994.htm

What to Watch Tomorrow

My "What to Watch" may not be an actual scheduled event ,but it is something to keep an eye out for. And that something is MLB deadline trades. As we near the July 31st deadline, the phones are ringing and names like Brian Fuentes, Mark Texeira, and maybe even Manny Ramirez are still on the table. So make sure to check in every hour or so to see the latest rumblings in the MLB trade world.

That is all for today (and thank God because this yo yo tournament is getting very boring, and the commentating is...well, weird. I mean, how can you broadcast and do a play-by-play on a yo yo tournament?). I'll be back on Friday night to give the scoop of the day that was.