MLB Bleacher Report All Star Game Prediction League.

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MLB Bleacher Report All Star Game Prediction League.

Welcome everybody to the 2010 MLB All Star Prediction League!

Now how this works is i will give you a series of questions (i.e will Joakim Soria get in the game?) and you will give your answers in the comment box. The winner will get the satisfaction that they are luckier than everyone else on Bleacher Report! Questions are worth 2 points each, but the ones i have labeled double points are 4. Voting closes Tuesday 7/13 at 12:00 pm. Bonus Questions are worth 1 point each. So here's the questions.

1. Who will start at first base for the AL if Morneau isn't playing?

2. Who will be the AL closer?

3. Who will be the Starters for both teams? (double points for correct starters.)

4. Who will be the NL DH?

5. What will be the score at the end of the 2nd inning?

6. What inning will Dustin Pedroia get in the game?

7. What inning will Albert Pujols be taken out?

8. When will Torri Hunter get in the game?

9. Will the AL or NL record the first strikeout?

10. Will there be a home run in the game? How Many? (double points for correct answer and correct number)

11. Will the AL or NL hit the first extra base hit?

12. How many inning will the NL starter pitch?

13. Will Joey Votto get in the game?

14. When will Tim Lincecum get in the game?

15. What will be the final outcome. (double points for correct team and correct score)

Bonus Questions

B1. Who will win the Home run Derby

B2. Who will come in second in the Home run derby?

B3. How many total Home Runs will be hit in the derby?

I will grade the predictions after the game and a follow up article with the results and winner will likely be up Wednesday or Thursday.

Copy and Paste the ballot below when you comment so it is easier for me to read. People who don't use the format will piss me off.

























Thanks for playing and good luck.

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