A P.Contributor IJuly 10, 2010

NEW YORK - JULY 05:  Manager Jerry Manuel of the New York Mets argues a call in the fifth inning against the Cincinnati Reds with home plate umpire Jerry Meals on July 5, 2010 at Citi Field in the Flushing neighborhood of the Queens borough of New York City.  (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)
Jim McIsaac/Getty Images
To say that the Mets need 2 out of 3 in Atlanta is an understatement.  After this series we head out to the All Star game and only feature a limited number of Players which I think is a crock since Pelfrey should be granted that position.  Meanwhile the Yankees have Phil Hughes there and just added Nick Swisher in one of the most terrible campaigns to get votes.  It was disgusting.  Basically buying the fans to vote by putting them in a sweepstakes if they voted for Swisher.  Horrible.
Anyway, after the All Star Break we have a very enduring stretch of teams where we will see some great pitchers.  It is time for this team to step up.  It will be a nice change of pace to see Beltran in the lineup for whatever capacity that he is used.
But the focus for the METS right now is Atlanta.  We will see what this team has going against Atlanta who is on a roll right now.  With the first game down we must take the next two not to fall too far behind.  
Now I don't blame Dickey, he came in there and threw okay baseball, enough to keep us in it with 6.2 innings and 4 runs given up, only 3 earned.  I don't really blame most of  the players.  They had a tough pitcher in Hanson even though he only lasted 5+ giving up 2 earned runs.
I blame two people BAY and MANUEL.
I am getting a little sick of Jason Bay's struggles at this point.  We as a fan base have been super patient with this man considering he was paid a lot of money and he hasn't really done anything.  Bay in his last 10 games in 7 for 36 with 10 RBI's and a .194 AVG.  That is horrible.  I am not the only person to feel this way as the fan base is starting to take shape by sending out the boo birds during this home stand.  He truly deserves it at this point.  We all had to hear constantly from writers and radio personalities everywhere that Bay will turn around.  Yeah, well we are half way in and the man has 6 HR's.  SIX!
Now on to Jerry Manuel.  FIRE MANUEL AND BRING IN BOBBY V. PLEASE.  I know it won't really do much of a difference, but, I am sorry, I am tired of this man.   Not to say that this is entirely Manuel's fault here.  He even has gotten this team more behind him and his style than they were with Randolph.  But, I mean am I the only one that finds his managing skills questionable.  I feel like I'm taking crazy pills here.  He makes so many bizarre decisions.  Pushing good players aside for terrible ones because of Lefty/Righty matchups I mean c'mon.  It was bad enough to see him having Jacobs and Tatis in the Clean up spot in the beginning of the season, but you don't even have to go that far back.  Take a look at yesterday's game.  Josh Thole in because he is a lefty bat.  Are we trying to win games or what?  How attrocious was it to not only see Reyes bat second (after he has already proven that he can only bat leadoff period), but to see him only batting right handed.  Look either he is healthy or not.  I don't agree on putting Reyes in the lineup just to put him in.  If he can't swing the bat properly, DON'T PLAY HIM, It's that simple.  I would rather have Cora in their then half a Reyes, you could damage him even more.  Think about the long term.  If he struggles only batting on one side then when he is healthy the struggles will continue in games we really need to win.
These next 2 games we REALLY need to win.  Good thing we have Big Pelf on the mound.  Even though he has struggled lately he has been the one to stop the bleeding when needed.
Big Pelf 10-3 3.39 ERA vs Hudson 8-4 2.44