Strasburg an All-Star? Sure…in 2011 Maybe

Carolyn SpitkittyContributor IJuly 3, 2010

Strasburg an All-Star? Sure…in 2011.

Since Stephen Strasburg’s 3rd start, the question going around Major League Baseball is “Should he be on the All-Star team?” The first time I heard it, I immediately said no! My dog thought I was talking to him and became worried. I reassured him that he did nothing wrong and thought, that was that.

But it wasn’t! All the talk the 2 more starts he’s had since is if Strasburg should be an All-Star this year. And I’ve still said no. Why? Rookie phenom: yes. Talented: yes. Tremendous hype: yes.

Reality: he’s had 6 starts in the majors, mostly against sub-par teams. Understandable. Come on, he’s a rookie. Of course they’re not going to bring him up to pitch against the Yankees. Does he have great stuff? Yes. However, so have many other pitchers and hitters that were considered “amazing” and/or “the next [fill in with great baseball player name].” We’ve seen this many, many times. Most of them…bust. Next: he’s proven he’s hittable and the Nationals have proven they don’t want to score for him. Problem! I don’t care how great a pitcher you are, you need run support. I think the Nationals are a pretty decent team, so there’s a chance they will start scoring for this guy and helping him out. He’s also hittable. The media make him out to be this pitching machine that no one can catch up to. Wrong. Yes, 100 mph is impressive. Striking out 50 or so guys in 6 starts is doubly impressive. However, hitters are slowly getting around on him. And he’s only pitched 6 games. Let’s see his numbers after 50 games.

Being awarded an All-Star spot is quite the accomplishment. Though these days it’s mostly just fan favorites, which is sad because there are plenty of players out there who deserve spots and don’t get them because they’re not Mr. Popular. However, true fans should realize that All-Stars should be players who have the experience AND the numbers to go with it.

Strasburg an All-Star? Maybe…next year. I’d like to see a full season before we go handing him All-Star accolades and Cy Young awards. I truly hope that come next season, he is an All-Star and has outstanding numbers so the critics can be hushed. But in baseball…you just never know.