Rely On Angel? No Thanks!

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Rely On Angel? No Thanks!
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It's the story that I can't stop writing about, primarily because fans can't stop talking about it.  The Mets community continues to weigh in on what to do with Carlos Beltran when he returns from the DL in the coming days. 

Suggestions range all the way from the unpopular choice of handing him back his job at the expense of Angel Pagan to having him clean out Angel's cleats and polish his shoes.  I've worn myself out by prefacing each post with the statement that I AM a Pagan fan, so I'll just give that up for now.  

What I won't give up on is trying to get the point across that this team still VERY much needs Carlos Beltran.

Why is everyone so ready to trade or utterly dismiss Beltran and rely on Pagan when, from a health standpoint, Angel has proven to be utterly reliable? He is even more prone to injury than Beltran.

In fact, if Pagan's recent injury on Wednesday night has taught us anything it's that the Mets likely need to have both on the roster to assure they will have a healthy center fielder to start each game.  

That is unless of course Jesus Feliciano has stolen a page from Angel's soon to be best-seller "How to Win Over Met Fans in 90-days."  Facts are facts and the simple fact is that, as good as he has been this year, Angel Pagan has been on the DL an astounding 5 times since 2006.  5 times! And that's not counting his current injury which we can only hope will not result....


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