Be Like The Yankees: The Key To The Sucess Of The Milwaukee Brewers

Noah DuellContributor IJune 29, 2010

LOS ANGELES, CA - JUNE 27:  Derek Jeter #2 of the New York Yankees celebrates following his teams victory over the Los Angeles Dodgers during an interleague game at Dodger Stadium on June 27, 2010 in Los Angeles, California. The Yankees defeated the Dodgers 8-6 in ten innings.  (Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images)
Jeff Gross/Getty Images

Being a Yankee fan from NY, while also being a Brewers fan, I know these teams inside out. If the Brewers want to win more and have a World Series title or just a near-future playoff berth, then they need to work together and step it up a notch. They need to follow the yankees lead by upping morale, their team batting average, and bolster their pitching soon. If they ever want a 2008-like season to make themselves go all the way, then I suggest they follow the Yankees lead and mock their success with your own.

1B- Prince Fielder is already like Mark Teixeira, Except 50 pounds heavier and a tad worse on defense. Lose 10 pounds and be more agile and he'll all set to be the King! Their numbers are similar, (with Princes being a bit better) with .280-.289 Batting Average with 30-45 Homers a season. The rest of their averages round out similarly.

2B-Rickie Weeks and Robinson Cano are very different baseball players. Rickie is a leadoff hitter with a Sheffield-like batting stance and a great swing and OK leadoff power. Robby Cano is a number 5 spot hitter with great power and is a nice pull hitter. Since they're different people, they have different capabilities, so they aren't and don't have to be as similar to each other as Tex and Prince are. Rickie Weeks is off to a slow start but is still in third for the second basemen vote for the 2010 All-Star Game in Anaheim. He usually hits .285 with 25 home runs on a very good year but is only hitting .274 with 13 Homers. That is a big jump from Robby's numbers this year in which he is hitting for a .360 average with 15 Homers. He is leading the league in average and is in  eighth for Home runs while Rickie is in 43rd for average and is in 15th for Homers in the NL. So if Rickie Weeks wants to be a main part of this team as a leadoff hitter, then he needs to hit 25 Homers and have a .300 average by he end of this year.

3B-Again, A-Rod and Casey McGehee are a lot alike except for the age, team, number of Home Runs, and Talent level. Don't get me wrong, they're both talented, But while Casey will probably have a better average, A-Rod is so much of a better Homer hitter, there is NO argument to solve. McGehee's key to success is to just keep getting better and hitting better as he has been doing, and he should always "be like an A-Rod, Hit like an A-Rod, and defend like an A-Rod.

SS- Alcides Escobar is sort of like Derek Jeter. They were both extremely important prospects, They were/are very talented rookies in their teams, are more of average hitters, and are stars. Both of them defend superbly, and have a cannon for an arm, thats my favorite part. Alcides Escobar will most likely never be like a 2009 Derek Jeter, But could come close or actually get there if he jacks up his average .085 from what i is now and hits 10 homers, he could get close to what Derek Jeter was and still is today.

OF- This is one part where the Yankees may need to learn from the Brewers! The Brewers outfield combines for a .27 average with 11 home runs while the yankees combine for a better average (.282) but a lot less homers (7). The Brewers would have a .286 average if only Carlos Gomez could boost his average .040 points. That is the only major flaw in the Brewers OF compared the the New York Yankees also great outfield. With Jim Edmonds on the DL, we'll have to deal with Carlos Gomez's improving average.

The Brewers could control the NL Central if they could improve these things and follow the Yankee's Lead and be a top contender. If the Brewers pitching pulls together and the Brewers stage a comeback, it could be as soon as this year that the Brewers go to the playoffs again finally