Why Your Team Won't Win The Super Bowl: New Orleans Saints Edition

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Why Your Team Won't Win The Super Bowl: New Orleans Saints Edition
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No, I am not picking on just the New Orleans Saints! This is a series that I am doing for all 32 of the NFL teams, Why Your Team Won't Win The Super Bowl   (click the link to see the other teams).

Congratulations Saints fans, on winning your first Super Bowl. Don't get used to it though, because in 2010, you will not be doing it again.

The 2009 season ended with the Saints adding their first Lombardi Trophy to their trophy case. They did so, in my opinion, on the will of one man, Drew Brees. He is the leader of this team in every way.

How bad do you think the Chargers are kicking themselves right now?

The problem is, he is on the cover of Madden this year, which pretty much means he is not going to make it through the season.

Unlike most Super Bowl winners, the Saints have not had the normal roster purge, due to the fact that no team is going crazy signing free agents. The problem is, the Saints have MANY restricted free agents, that can not be happy with the money they are making.

Example, Reggie Bush, who has proven that he is a quality back up, is set to make near the $8 million mark this year.

Starter Pierre Thomas is set to make $1.7 million.

That is the problem the Saints are having more than most teams. The amount of restricted free agents, many of them are not happy.

Fear not, though Saints fans. You STILL have the best team in the NFC South.

My prediction: New Orleans walk through the NFC South, winning the division with an 11-5 record.

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