New Wrinkle of the 3-4 on Display at Green Bay Packers Mini-Camp

Jake WinieckiCorrespondent IIIJune 21, 2010

Dom Capers revealed a huge surprise at Packers mini-camp today.  He had Cullen Jenkins taking snaps at LOLB!  This is a huge shock that I don't think any could have predicted.

Jenkins is 6'2" 302 lbs.  He played very well at DE last season, racking up a defensive line high 4.5 sacks.  The plan is to keep him at DE this season, but use him at LOLB in one particular defensive package.

I don't really see any negatives coming from this.  I shouldn't really be a distraction from playing DE, if anything it should give him a better understanding of the defense and make him more of a leader.

If Dom Capers can work his magic and use Cullen Jenkins effectively this could add a whole new element to this already scary defense.  I don't know if he can pull it off, but I do know this, Cullen Jenkins is a great athlete for his size, he's a very intelligent player who could learn all of the wrinkles off this defense, and Dom Capers seems to really believe in him.

Jenkins had this to say about the move,“I always feel like I can pass rush it’s just a matter of what they ask me to do on particular plays,” Jenkins said. “You never know what you’re actually going to carry into the season, but we’re experimenting with different things. It’s pretty cool to be (standing) up, actually.”

Dom Capers had this to say about Jenkins, "We know that he can handle it," Capers said. "We moved him around last year. He's a smart guy. He has background rushing outside on the edge, so I think he can be either an inside or an outside rusher for us. He's got good movement for a guy his size, and he can certainly be a physical guy if we put him out on the edge in terms of playing the run and those types of things."

I think that risk is no where near the reward in this scenario.  We still don't even know if it would make it to the regular season, but it will surely be interesting to watch.