The New York Giants 2010 NFL Dominant Defense

charles 007Contributor IJune 21, 2010

For all you nay sayers out there listen up the Giants will have a dominating defense in 2010, no doubt about it.

The D-line is loaded and healthy, J Tuck, Osi, Kiwi, Canty, Alford, Joseph, Cofield, Bernard and my least favorite JPP. Look at that list five guys who could start on most teams two rookies Joseh will have an immediate impact as a moster run stuffer and JPP with his huge upside Alford who was gonna have a break out year until his injury and Bernard had an injured shoulder last year (but he is on the down slope of his carrer). As for the starting five forget about it Osi is a tad overatted because his weak run support but he is the only weak link, Kiwi lost a year standing around at strong side LB and took Osi's spot and impressed the only defensmen to do so last year. Tuck is now the unquestioned leader of this unit for the first time ever, and he will not dissappoint.

The secondary will be a unit that the rest of the league will try to duplicate. The championship pedigree of Wbster, Ross and Thomas show me a team with three CBs that are all three that good. No there isnt a Revis but those three are young vets they have a few years but havent hit their prime, the time is at hand. Safety is exactly that safe, with the additions of Rolle and Grant but KP could return and if he does look out because you will have two ball hawking safties with great cover skills and KP can turn the lights out on anyone. If he isnt healthy they still have Grant as a very solid stop gap and Jones another champion from LSU waiting to take the spot. Show me a flaw in that cant its one of the deepest and most talented in the league, combine their skill with a return from the D-line and its over.

The LB core isnt where anyone wants it to be and thats fact, the other fact is competition breads success. At MLB we have Goff Wilkinson and Dillard none of whom inspire fear in any offense. The good news is they are all still young will be protected by the D-line and secondary. The bad news is I have to say the best hope for the group is the rookie Dillard but he played very well for Nebraska and the early word is he is a smart player with great instincts and a feel for where the play will be and showed at Nebraska he can play the run very effictively. On the weak side the best LB Boley lines up and he will not dissapoint, he can do it all (including line up the D) he is the vet of this unit and if you look at the film he can cover, shed blocks, and make tackles in traffic. Last year his hip had some damage if healthy he is very good. Sintim a pass rushing weak side LB from Va, he will live and die by his athletic ability put him in space and he is lost send him forward and he is a missle. This is the pooriest unit but I belive it is servicable depth is a question but we got Blackburn an all purpose LB and special teams stud who isnt great but does everything well if you dont know him ask some Giants fans.

Then the most important change the new DC. Old guy quite wimpy new guy firery loud and motvatied. We will get only one year with perry as the DC he will be a head coach next year. Im not gonna say much but the players believe in him he doesnt take crap (Osi lining up with the second unit) and he has something to prove. Look at what his D was capable of in Buf, Im not gonna throw around stats but go look WHO WAS ON THAT TEAM NOBODY!!!!!! He was great his D was good now he has skilled hungry players a chip on his shoulder because he didnt get a shot in Buf because some old washed up Dal coach.

Im not wrong, Im not this unit was destroyed by injuries last year. Every team deals with them but teams with the amount and severity of what the Giants went through last year dont finish 8-8. At some point injuries are an excuse two or three no but come on somebody stepping up doesnt refer only to the guy coming in but the STARTERS around them, not the back ups.