Real Talk: Brawl at the Palace 2, Rodger Goodell and Brett Favre

Gem JeffersonSenior Analyst IJuly 25, 2008

Brawl at the Palace 2

Call me strange, but I liked it for all parties involved.

WNBA, we're talking about you.  I admit, no one wants to be in the news for a fight or any negative events, but everyone wants to be in the news.  This is your time to shine—make it happen.

It was also good because it involved Candace Parker, the WNBA's only hope.  Parker, if she isn't already, will be the best player in WNBA history.  But more importantly, she marketable—and she is because she talented and beautiful. 

And not Danica Patrick, only female in our sport beautiful—she's gorgeous.  And to market someone, they have to be easy on the eyes.

The same is true in male sports as well.  Nike wouldn't promote Popeye Jones over Kobe Bryant or LeBron James if they averaged the same numbers. 

Candace Parker being involved toughened up her image—it said she was here to stay.  She's willing to play hard and defend herself and her team at all costs.  It says that about everyone involved, actually.  And that's a great thing.

I think the WNBA is often portrayed as some dainty, low-flying, low-intensity game with little to no excitement.  We have just been informed that this is their livelihood. 

They care just as much as the men do for 1/32 of the price.  Maybe some naysayers will look at this and realize that those are world-class ball players on the court each night.

It's up to the WNBA to use this time in the spotlight to permanently raise its exposure.  They have about two weeks to make a move; make sure Candace Parker's next game is on prime time on a channel I can find.

Brett Favre Receiving Support from Goodell

NFL Commissioner Rodger Goodell decided he was going to put his two cents into the Brett Favre v. Green Bay Packers fiasco, and while I appreciate the push to get this nonsense out the news, this is none of Goodell's business.

The Packers can do whatever the want as long as they follow NFL guidelines and they have.  Favre isn't reinstated, so the Packers don't have to look for a trade. 

If he is reinstated, the Packers don't have to play him, just pay him.  It's within their right to do so.

I didn't see Goodell step in and tell the Bengals to trade Chad Johnson when we poor sports fans had to listen to two weeks of radio rants from Johnson about how unhappy he was. 

And I definitely don't appreciate the NFL players, mainly other quarterbacks saying the Packers should let Favre start.  It's easy for them to say, but NONE of them were offering their starting position. 

Tony Romo nor Carson Palmer nor Ben Roethlisberger said: "Brett Favre can take my position as QB" and until they do, I do not suggest they offer Aaron Rodgers’ spot either.

Thank you, Tony Dungy for seeing the situation for what it is.

As far as a trade goes, the obvious solution for a team would to offer a conditional pick.

Tell the Packers, I'll start with a fifth-pick for his rights.  If he plays at least 12 games, we'll give you a fourth-round pick.  If he plays in the playoffs, we'll give you a third. 

If he plays in the Conference Championship, we'll give you a second-rounder.  Heck, if we make it to the Super Bowl, we'll give you a first-round pick.

That's fair, right.  He wouldn't be the first player to be traded for a conditional pick, and when you're trading for a one year guy, that's the best way to do it.

Now, there's no guarantee that the Packers would accept that deal since there's no guarantee they would trade him at all, but in the interest of fairness, that's the best I could do.

Summer in Sports

The summer is hard for me.  I'm a basketball and football fan, basketball with a slight edge.  And I don't enjoy baseball or golf.

But that's all that's left for sports fans this time of year: home runs, web gems, and Tiger Woods highlights (and not even those this summer, nice try Greg Norman).

I would watch WNBA, but I never know when they're on, same thing for Arena Football.  I try to keep up with Wrestling but that doesn't really count.

This year, we get the Olympics, but that's not until August, and when that starts getting exciting, I'll already be playing Franchise Mode in Madden.

I can't really blame anyone for this slow season, but you would figure with the warmest, sunniest season of them all, we'd get more sports to compensate for Football's and Basketball's absence than Beach Volleyball (which I appreciate and respect).

All I have is the Summer League and Training Camp.  I miss the days when the And 1 mixtapes were big.  I could use a new one right about now.