Cleveland Indians Split the Road

Chris KreitzerSenior Analyst IJuly 23, 2008

Tribe Times has been on hiatus for a week and not much really happened. The Indians have been playing better of late, sans Aaron Laffey's last two starts.
The team as a whole seems to be having more fun actually playing the game rather than "grinding." It will be a long last few months of the baseball season, so I am going to add another addition of Random Thoughts.

The retro 1989 jerseys need to be sold in stores next year. Cleveland Plain Dealer writer Paul Hoynes said that the Mariners gave the 25-man roster a chance to buy their respective jerseys for charity and a whopping 20 did so. Bring them BACK!!!

Casey Blake may not be traded, which is not necessarily a bad thing. If they can sign Casey to a one-year contract with a club option for 2010, I would be all for bringing him back. He is a definite team leader and a good guy to have around.
Blake may not take such a deal, since this is his first opportunity at free agency and he may want the security of a multi-year deal. That would be risky, since he is 35.
Aaron Laffey better straighten things out, or the 2009 rotation is looking thinner by the day.
Tom Mastny introduces himself with an "I'm Tom Mastny," meatball everytime he pitches.
Edward Mujica may not be as bad as I thought he was.

Juan Rincon may be worth a 2009 look, but will probably end up like Jorge Julio/Roberto Hernandez.

David Dellucci should be duct-taped to the bench.
Andy Marte is playing better, but he is not the long term solution at third base.
Ryan Garko should not be our starting first baseman in 2009.
Jhonny hit good, field bad.
Travis Hafner may be done for the year.
Would you sign K-Rod to a five-year, $65 million contract if it meant no offensive help next year? I would.
Matt LaPorta will be an Indian in May 2009.
Shin Soo Choo and Ben Francisco will form a platoon next season. Book it!
Fausto Carmona will be one of the few players to watch left this season.
Jamey Carroll has a future being a jockey at Thistledown.
Sal Fasano is one of my favorite Indians of all time.
Two roster moves happened over the past week, as Asdrubal Cabrera was called up and Jorge Velandia was sent to Buffalo.
Also, Fausto Carmona is due to pitch on Saturday for the first time since the middle of May, so look for Matt Ginter to be sent down.
Browns training camp opened today, so I imagine not many people but the diehards are reading this anymore. Thanks to those who do, whoever and wherever you are.