Evan MacLane, Anyone?

Justin HulseyCorrespondent IJune 13, 2010


P.J. Walters? No.
10 ER in 13 IP as a starter.

Adam Ottavino? Nope.
12 ER in 14 IP as a starter.

Blake Hawksworth? Nah.
6 ER in 4 IP as a starter.

The search for that fifth starter is still alive. In fact, we’re still looking for a fourth starter too.

Brad Penny has been on the disabled list for over three weeks when it was originally estimated as no more than two weeks. According to John Mozeliak, Penny cannot throw “with a purpose” and is still a few weeks away.

Kyle Lohse’s situation is considered to be far worse. At the VERY least, Lohse is out until late July. I would be shocked if he’s back by then however.

So we need two starting pitchers until at least July when Brad Penny comes back. Even when that happens, the Cards have to find somebody that will consistently pitch six effective innings. Jeff Suppan, the newest Cardinal, is back and will do his best to be the next client of Dave Duncan’s. Soup had a workout/bullpen session with Duncan on Friday and is expected to start Tuesday evening against the Seattle Mariners.

But even if Suppan can turn back the clock and be successful in his second stint with the team, somebody has to step up and take that fifth spot. Walters, Ottavino, and Hawksworth are obviously not cutting it. We’ve already reached into the free agent market. We don’t exactly have hot trading chips. So who’s the next guy in line in Memphis? Enter Evan MacLane, the only MLB-ready starter on our minor league teams.

MacLane, the 27-year-old ace for Memphis, has 104 starts in AAA so I would assume he is ready for the next level. He has gone 4-5 with a 3.95 ERA and 44 strikeouts in 82 innings. Last season, MacLane had a 3.75 ERA in 24 starts with the Redbirds. Better yet, MacLane would be the second left handed starter on the roster if promoted (Jaime Garcia being the first).

This would be Mac’s second call up of the season, but his first was nothing to speak of. He spent two days on the MLB roster without any playing time.

The guys we have in the rotation now are not good enough. Quite frankly. So, since MacLane is on the 40-man roster, I think it would be stupid not to give him a try. Give me one reason why not.