The Milwaukee Brewers Are Playing, So Why Talk About Brett Favre in July?

Tim SeemanAnalyst IJuly 23, 2008

For once, people in Minnesota are more concerned with what Brett Favre is going to do than I am.

It's not like I've broken up with Favre like a lot of Packer fans have; I'd love to see him back in the green-and-gold No. 4 shirt slinging touchdowns to Donald Driver and Greg Jennings.

The truth is, what's going on with Favre just isn't as exciting as what's going on in West Allis (that's the Milwaukee suburb where Miller Park and the Brewer offices are).

The Brewers have yet to lose since before the All-Star break, and the pre-deadline deal to bring in CC Sabathia has paid off immensely. Instead of waiting around while Sabathia throws three consecutive complete games in mid-July for the Cleveland Indians, Brewers general manager decided that he wanted Sabathia's slider working for him.

The Brewer offense has been as advertised for the past 19 games, tying a franchise record for consecutive games with a home run set by the 1996 squad that was still playing in the American League.

The beauty part is that Braun, Fielder, Branyan, and Hart aren't the only guys going deep. JJ Hardy has 14 home runs, and most of them came in the last month of play. Mike Cameron has 15, and Bill Hall hit two clutch home runs in the current Cardinals series to extend the winning streak and home run streak.

Most importantly, all of this has happened on the road, where the Brewers are over .500 this season. They finished far under that mark last season in a failed playoff bid.

Milwaukee has made up four games on the Cubs and have the wild card lead after passing the St. Louis Cardinals this week at new Busch Stadium. With another victory tonight, the Cards might never see second place again.

The end of July is coming fast, which means a showdown with the Cubs (the same Cubs that the Brewers are 4-2 against this year, all on the road) is on the way at Miller Park.

If the Cubs aren't careful, the division lead might be gone heading into August, and they might never see first place again.

So, while I will sorely miss Brett Favre if he leaves the Green Bay Packers for another team, I'll miss him in November and December. Not in July. Or September. Or October.  Because the Brewers will still be playing and winning.