Veteran Free Agents That Can Still Contribute

Trevor BarberContributor IIIJune 10, 2010

There are very many free agents still out in the market waiting for some team to give them a chance. One very big name would be the picture above us. Terrell Owens can still be a huge factor on the field even though he may be 36 years old. This guy is a 6 time pro bowler and probably one of the best receivers in the bast 30 years. There are many teams that should be trying to get him. I can't believe he's a free agent right now. If you go through teams then you might be shocked at who could get him. The Bears have four or five number two receivers but not a number one receiver. The 49ers could use some veteran leadership in there receiver core to help Micheal Crabtree. Look at the Raiders. It would be helpful for Jason Campbell to have a better wide receiver than Johnnie Lee Higgins. Terrell Owens is a great producer and will help a team out. He's not the only one though. Take a look at some other veterans (6+ years pro) that can contribute and where they could possibly end up: 

Oshiomogho Atogwe: Atogwe was in talks with the St. Louis Rams, but the long-term contract failed. I believe that he is a top safety in the league, but doesn't get enough credit because of injuries and he's played for the Rams. They are saying that he might end up with the Miami Dolphins and replace Gibril Wilson.

Dre Bly:Dre Bly has been around 12 years now and used to an amazing corner back with the early 2000's St. Louis Rams. He has moved around the league as of late, but I can see him being a solid (3 picks, 45 tackles) cornerback in the league. I can see him going to the Philadelphia Eagles who are now down to one good corner compared to three of them (Shepard, Brown, Samuel) two years ago. I like him as a corner back. 

Keith Bulluck: I am still confused on how this guy is still a free agent! He may be old, but he has produced time and time again. I can see him going to many different teams.  I have a wild accusation on where he'd be a good fit. Why not Chicago? A linebacker core of Bulluck, Urlacher, and Briggs? That is pretty good. I don't really see it happening, but that would be a solid place for him. Another team I see pursuing him is the Lions. The Lions have a linebacker whole after trading Ernie Sims, but I can see Bulluck ending up there.

Laveranues Coles: Coles has been around the league with a few teams, but no matter where he's been he's produced. I think he can be a solid receiver in many places. What about Houston? It could take all the pressure off of Andre Johnson and help Matt Schaub more. I think he can maybe produce an 800 yard season at a number two there. 

Justin Fargas: Fargas is the best not top running back in the league. This guy never got a chance. He would be fabulous in training camp, and then the Raiders decide to grab another running back and hurt his chances. I can see him in many places that could use a running back. First off, I am not sold on Joseph Addai and I don't think he'll produce. I also like Fargas or maybe the Bengals who only have a power back. I can also the Buccaneers because you never know what your going to get with Cadillac Williams.

Ken Hamlin: Hamlin has been a decent safety in the league for the Seahawks and Cowboys. I think he could fit somewhere like Indianapolis because of the injury risk of Bob Sanders. This would give him some playing time and the Colts a solid reserve at safety just in case.

Anthony Henry: Henry is a solid corner back that can start in this league if you give him a shot. I can see Henry returning with the Browns who could use a solid corner back.

Jamal Lewis: Don't count him out just yet. This guy is a great player who has had a great career and can still produce. I think you can get one more year out of this guy. Maybe a back-up role for a young guy? LeSean McCoy? Maybe even Tennessee? Chris Johnson isn't going to be able to handle another 360 attempts. Teams are going to be able to stop him if they feed it to him over and over again.

Adewale Ogunleye: This guy has been a quiet star in Chicago. He had a pretty good year last year, but was let go due to the signing of star Julius Peppers. He can provide very well on a 3-4 or 4-3 defense. This opens up to a lot of spots. He could provide in many spots. Maybe Minnesota to add to the killer DL.

Brian Westbrook: Westbrook i still think can be a top 10 runningback if not injured all the time. He is a provider and deserves a starting job somewhere. I still think he might go to the Redskins or maybe another team such as Houston or the Giants. There are some possibilities out there.

Anyways there are a lot of potential free agents out there that can provide. Other notables are: Brad Hoover, Neil Rackers, JaMArcus Russell, Piere Thomas (RFA), and LenDale White. I think that there should be teams out there pursuing these free agents and giving them a shot. Especially Terrell Owens!