Open Mic: When Is It Time To Hang It Up?

Katelyn GrabarekSenior Analyst IJuly 23, 2008

As much as it pains me to put up a picture of Brett Favre because of the die hard Bears fan that I am, I had to do it.

Day after day this summer, I turn on my television only to learn that there is yet another chapter in the Favre saga of his threatening to come out of retirement.

Just give it up Brett. 

You went out on top leading your beloved Packers to the playoffs only to lose to the Giants in the NFC Championship game. 

Growing up 90 minutes east of Chicago, and following the Cubs and Bears teams of the late 90's and into the new millennium, I watched numerous Bears squads get run over by the Packers. 

Never once did I hate Brett Favre.  Yes, he was one of those hated Packers, but you had to respect what he did right?

Personally I could never see the man in another uniform. 

Even if it was to be the one of my beloved Bears.

The idol of my young teenage years and middle ones, I guess, was Sammy Sosa. 

I loved going and sitting in the right field bleachers and watching him. 

When the Cubs traded him to the Baltimore Orioles in Feb. 2004, I cried.  I knew the time would come when my idol would leave the Cubs or the game, I had just hoped those times would be synonymous. 

Of course Sosa struggled with the Orioles, and played his final season in 2007 with the Rangers.  He is set to retire in 2009 after the World Baseball Classic.

Some players just need to realize that their glory days are behind them and end their careers on a high note, before putting their Hall of Fame status in jeopardy.

While I don't think a Favre comeback will put his in jeopardy, why risk it?