No Justice for New York Mets Fans

Wendy AdairAnalyst IJune 4, 2010

NEW YORK - MAY 23:  Johan Santana #57 of the New York Mets hands the ball to manager Jerry Manuel in the seventh inning against the New York Yankees on May 23, 2010 at Citi Field in the Flushing neighborhood of the Queens borough of New York City.  (Photo by Nick Laham/Getty Images)
Nick Laham/Getty Images

There is no question that the Mets are not in an enviable spot right now, but too many fans are making things more dire than they need to in early June. 

As it stands now, the Mets are at .500 and five games behind the first-place Atlanta Braves, who just overtook the Phillies in the last week.

Mets management did not approach this past winter as planned but did bring Rod Barajas and Henry Blanco, among others, who have been extemely valuable the first 54 games of 2010.

Yes, the last few years have been upsetting and its its all part of New York fandom, but there is still plenty of baseball to be played and no one is running away with the division.

Johan Santana was "victimized" yet again on Wednesday by a flat offense and a bullpen failure. 

Frustrating, yes, but the end of the world as we know it? Not by a long stretch.  As fans it's convenient to think that the Mets players are deliberately mailing it in during Santana's starts.

However, as long as he and management does not feel that way, nothing will change and you just have to believe that things will correct themselves.

Oliver Perez won't accept a Minor League reassignment to straighten out his mechanics.  I repeat, frustrating, but there is nothing fans can do about it, no sense  threatening boos and taunts every home game until he is gone.

Daniel Murphy is gone for the season with a torn MCL.

While this is very sad news, we can only wish him a speedy recovery as he was not going to be a part of the 2010 Mets as an everyday player unless a repeat of 2009's injuries somehow happens again .

Jason Bay and David Wright are not hitting as fans would hope.

Yes, its alarming that both are striking out but they are both contributing in a positive fashion just about every game, and for now that has to be good enough until they find their rhythm.  Its a long season and they are both proven offensive and defensive players, they will be fine.

Luis Castillo has just been put on the 15 Day Disabled List later today, but not many fans are shocked, he has been playing part-time and has been hobbling in his efforts. 

Ruben Tejada has been recalled from the Minor Leagues to take Castillo's place, many fans are pessimistic about Tejada being a contributor but in all fairness, give the kid a chance to show what he can do for the team.

With the trade deadline looming next month, fans want drastic changes now if not sooner, its past time to cleanse the Mets from their collapse demons and bring in all new faces.

While all of these things are upsetting to the fans, they should not reach for the panic button just yet.