Old: The Rangers biggest off-season move

Adrian CastroCorrespondent IJuly 22, 2008

This is an article I wrote during the off-season. I just wanted to post it on this website. Tell me what you think!
The Rangers' biggest off-season move was nothing they did, but it is what they didn'tdo. Behind all the headlines of signing a guy named after a company that makes board-games there is a small caption mentioning that the Rangers are't going to re-sign Brad Wilkerson. Hallelujah! Brad's stint in Texas was nothing more then a disappointment. Maybe he never fully recovered from shoulder surgery in 2006? Maybe he just had to much pressure on him? I mean, when all was said and done, Wilkerson was the product of trading the three-time MVP, Alex Rodriguez. In two years with the Rangers, Wilkerson proved that his worth was not exceptional. The highlight of his tenure in Texas was when he hit three home runs in one game against the Angels in 2007. Besides Wilkerson putting up mediorce numbers, he struggled with strikeouts. In Wilkerson career he boasts more strikeouts then hits, and has never finished a season hitting over .270. Brad your time in Texas was fun at times, but for the most part it was tumultuous.

"This year was harder, more so than last year," Wilkerson said. "Last year was a learning experience, this year was a lot harder. I felt like I was ready to do great things this year. I'm just disappointed the way it ended."


Sorry to break it to you Brad, but you don't get the 550 at bats that you got in Montreal. Your 2007 season was actually better statistically than your 2006. You had 18 more AB's, and 8 more hits to show for it. Not to forget you only had 107 strikeouts against 116 in 2006. So, you're disappointed? Heck, We all are!


As for the signing of Milton Bradley. We will have have to see how this guys does. He is known for missing many games during the season. He has only once played more then 101 games in a season. Bradley who is coming back from knee sugery (he fell to ground after Bud Black had to restrain him from confronting an umpire on a bad call) won't be ready for opening day. His return date is unknown, but the Rangers awarded him a one year/5million dollar contract out bidding the San Diego Padres. Bradley will most likely fill the DH role if he is not well enough to play outfield.


Bottom Line: Milton Bradley is a productive player and is capable of sparking a fuse during the season. Unfortunatley, he is prone to injury. If his trend continues we will only have him 2/3 of the season. Also note that he is coming back to American League where he could utilize the DH spot if he is not healthy enough to play everyday outfield. Bradley and Washington know each other from their time in Oakland. Only time can tell for this guy.