Why WWE needs to sign Awesome Kong.

SlamZillaContributor IMay 28, 2010

Recently the brain trust in WWE decided that they no longer needed Mickie James.    Now I stopped trying to figure out why they do some of the things that they do a long time ago.  But in this circumstance there appears to be a little bit of regret.  You see, not long after Mickie was let go, another popular Diva got injured.  That would be Beth Phoenix.  Normally one wouldn’t assume that this would be a problem, except for the fact that she is one of the few “babyface” Diva’s that they have, that they feel can actually wrestle.  Personally I don’t have a whole lot of use for the WWE’s women’s division right now, but it could actually be a whole lot better if only they did a few things to tweak it.  But first lets get back to the Mickie James thing.  By their own admission,  WWE has stated that they are now in the process of trying to find a new Diva to fill the void left by James.  And they don’t just want another pretty face.  They want a Wrestler.  This really is a change of pace, since they haven’t seemed to care too much about using the women they currently have on their roster that actually have some skills right now.  Gail Kim is a proven talent, The Bella Twins seem to have talent if they are allowed to use it, Eve Torres is on the path to being an exceptional wrestler that could one day even rival Trish Stratus, talent wise, and even Kelly Kelly can be entertaining at times.  And of course lets not forget Natalya.  But lets move on.  If WWE is serious about getting somebody great, they only need one person.  Awesome Kong.

     Awesome Kong may not fit the mold for what the WWE is looking for in a “Diva”  She wouldn’t be doing photoshoots in a bikini anytime soon.  But Kong is that rare type of womens wrestler that commands attention.  She was the crown jewel of TNA’s knockout division, and her matches with Gail Kim were so good that one of them was the main event of Impact.

      Now think about this for a second.  Right there is a built in feud that could kick start the WWE’s womens division all over again. Her and Gail Kim have shown that they can have incredible, Pay Per View worthy matches in the past, so what would stop them from doing so again? 

       Now, in a perfect world, this is the scenario that I personally would love to see played out.  Gail Kim could at some point hold that ridiculous Barbie Belt…aka..the Diva’s Title.   Kong would debut and destroy everything in her path, and take the Womens Title.  Then we have a showdown between these two at……..oh, lets say….Wrestlemania.  The two Titles are finally unified, and Kong walks away as the dominant force in Divaland.   Because lets face it, there really in no need for two womens champions.  One can float between shows just like the Tag Team Champions.  And with Kong holding the Title, not only would they finally bring some prestige back to that Belt, they could also sell a whole lot of merchandise.

     But thats just my two cents.