Top 5 Value Fantasy Football Running Backs To Look For in 2010

Ronnie U.Contributor IMay 26, 2010

Top 5 Value Fantasy Football Running Backs To Look For in 2010

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    I am going to be taking a look at the top five running backs that off the radar to look for in your fantasy football league this year.

    The middle to late rounds is when you're going to want to take a look at these players if they're still available in your league.

    These aren't the best, but certainly aren't the worst. The potential is definitely there as some are coming off great seasons last year.

    Not only could they give your team some added depth, but may end up out performing your peers when you really need them too

Number 5: Beanie Wells (Arizona Cardinals)

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    His rookie season wasn't the best, but also due to splitting carries with Hightower, Wells finished off with a modest 793 yards and seven touchdowns.

    Now, he's why I think his sophomore season could turn out bring his breakout year:

    It's no secret that the NFC West is one of the worst football positions, and outside of San Francisco, can't stop the run. Not to mention he has a platter of AFC West teams to face as well.

    Still, the biggest reason I think he can put up respectable numbers is because I believe the Cardinals will have to run the ball more. Matt Leinart and Derek Anderson can't hold Kurt Warner's gym bags, and for that reason, I expect a lot of carries to come Beanie's way.

    Believe the hype.

Number 4: Cedric Benson (Cincinnati Bengals)

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    Behold, the man who was most responsible for the Bengals going from pitiful to playoffs in 2009. Of course, the defense helped to, but his emergence was welcomed to the team who hadn't had a legit running game in years.

    How good was he? 1,251 yards rushing, six touchdowns, and a monster 301 carries. Woah.

    Look for Cincinnati to look for him to repeat his success. Although his division is tough, he has favorable matchups against the Browns, Bills, and Bucs next season.

    Not to mention he should fall out of your leagues first couple of rounds.

    Only one fumble last season? Wow. He had more ball security than Adrian Peterson.

Number 3: Ricky Williams (Miami Dolphins)

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    You know those guys who would take over, the minute your running back got to the end zone, but didn't get in. Those guys who split carries with your star player, and made you tear your hair out?

    Here's one of the best right here.

    Ronnie Brown's injury last season allowed Williams to have more carries (241), but even when Brown was healthy, the Wildcat is truly a beast of a formation.

    Ricky returned to glory with 1,121 yards and 11 touchdowns. Still, don't think your fellow opponents will want to grab him due to what I mentioned above.

    His schedule with the AFC East and NFC North isn't much to smile about, either. But Chad Henne will be the starting quarterback in Miami, and will open up the passing game more with Brandon Marshall. Allowing the Wildcat to light up the field when called.

    It wouldn't hurt to take a chance on him in the late rounds.

Number 2: Ryan Grant (Green Bay Packers)

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    2009 was the year that saw the Green Bay Packers offensive line become as sturdy as swiss cheese. Besides getting Aaron Rodgers (who still was nothing short of remarkable) hit constantly, they certainly did no favors to Green or Grant.

    Except, Ryan ended the season with 1,253 yards, 11 touchdowns, and 282 carries. Coming up in 2010? I'll boldly predict the Green Bay Packers will be one of the top five offenses in the league.

    There is a risk here though, with Ryan Grant taking a trip through the AFC East, NFC East, and the Vikings (twice) next season.

    I recommend him as a valuable No. 2 running back on your team. Because every person that can catch on the Packers will benefit from Rodgers, no doubt about that.

Number 1: Jamaal Charles (Kansas City Chiefs)

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    It was probably easy to miss this guy last year if you weren't up for taking chances on a player from a losing team. Your heartbreak from drafting Brandon Jacobs (sigh) or Brian Westbrook kept you reluctant.

    For those that took the gamble, they got an impressive running back indeed. Charles finished with 1,120 yards, 7 touchdowns, and 5.9 yards per carry ain't too shabby.

    Combine that with, if, your league gave points for kick/punt returns, and you have a knockout punch.

    What makes him so approachable is his extremely weak schedule. He'll simply gobble up the Raiders, Chargers, Rams, Seahawks, Bills, and Browns.

    I'd argue he's the best running back people won't jump through hoops to get. Pull the trigger and watch others envy you.