New York Super Bowl 2014: Why Roger Goodell Must Be Replaced

Mike AllenCorrespondent IMay 26, 2010

HASSELFELDE, GERMANY - JANUARY 10:  Musher Tina Hanke rides her sled dogs during the 2010 Pullman City Quest on January 10, 2010 in Hasselfelde, Germany. The competition counts as one qualification for the European championship.  (Photo by Ronny Hartmann/Getty Images)
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The NFL announced late Tuesday that it has awarded the 2014 Super Bowl to New York/New Jersey to be played in the new uncovered and un-domed stadium built for the New York Giants and Jets.

This is yet one more absolutely dumb move made by NFL commissioner Roger "Jets" Goodell (a former Jets employee and son of former New York senator Charles Goodell) since he took charge in 2006.

Having it in a domed stadium in the northern tier, like we saw with Detroit for Super Bowl XL is bad enough, but in an uncovered stadium, they are asking for—and probably will get—an absolute disaster.

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg said, "People talk about the weather, but this is football, not beach volleyball."

Mayor Bloomberg and Commissioner Goodell, YOU ARE BOTH IDIOTS...

Sure, players play in bad weather conditions. It happens all the time, and weather conditions do have an impact on the games. The Super Bowl should NEVER be influenced by weather—never.

But that is not the entire problem. The bigger one is what adverse weather conditions in the winter months do to travel, both from other cities (and countries) and also within the stadium area itself.

A major blizzard, which is very common for early February in that area, will shut down air travel, shut down bus travel, and just about cripple the area with respect to fans, guests, politicians, entertainers, and even the teams themselves, reaching their destinations.

And then they will all be locked into their hotels, stuck there, because local travel will either be impossible or very limited.

Further, the Super Bowl has many other events going on, FOR THE FANS, some of which are held outdoors. The NFL Experience is one, for example.

Snow, ice, and bad weather will totally restrict fans from enjoying these Super Bowl activities and in many cases will force them to be canceled.

I have attended an NFL Experience here in Phoenix, and it is a great, great time for fans of all ages. If it is canceled or limited because of bad weather, that is a big, big blow to all fans, even fans not going to the game itself.

Once again, Roger "Jets" Goodell has put his iron fist down and forced the owners into approving this fiasco, and it took four ballots to get it done.

First, baseball's World Series, with extended playoffs and too long of a regular-season schedule, has games pushed into early November.

Now the Super Bowl, arguably the greatest sporting event of all, will be subject to horrible conditions that will not only affect the game itself but will affect ALL those in attendance.

Let's not forget, though, that there are, of course, other modes of transportation, as shown in the photo above, that people, including "Jets" Goodell, could use to get to the game, or events.

Goodell must be removed as commissioner. He is a total ass.