Phillies All Stars Ruin It All For The National Leauge

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Phillies All Stars Ruin It All For The National Leauge
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Some of this I can agree with but some of this is outlandish.I absolutley see why Utley and Werth are leading the National Leauge in All Star votes.But Rollins is an absolute joke.Rollins has only played in 12 games the whole season,and is leading thats a laughing stock right there.Rollins should be at the bottom of the list if you ask me.Hanley should be leading in all star votes.What about Pagan,Mghee oh thats right Victorino and Polanco are going to start so they can't

 Maybe the MLB needs to have electoral votes just like in the presidency,because we want TRUE all stars going to these games.Not people in the past who have seemed to be all stars or are just popular.Lets face it everyone is treating Philly is getting treated like demi gods in the National Leauge.

Who could blame them.Philly won in 08 and in 09 made it and lost to NYY so basically Philly is the National leauge.They are definitley finding ways for more fans to hate Philly possibly more than people hate New York.

I mean its bad enough when teams like Florida,Washington,and the padres don't make it to the playoffs very often.So isn't it fair to just have one of their all stars leading for that position.I mean whats next Jamie Moyer goes back into a All Star outfit aand starts the series,I wouldnt be suprised since a guy who played only 12 games in a season is leading our national leauge all stars in shortstop.

So we have let the Phillies and their fan base destroy the National leauge.Great.... whats next everyone from the Yankees makes it on to the American leauge all star team.

MLB here is a tip,Give the all star honor to people who actually deserve it.

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