Not Bob Howry!

Bullpen BrianCorrespondent IMay 20, 2010

Before Aaron Miles and Milton Bradley, there was only one Cub I ever begged Jim Hendry to release: Bob Howry.

The right-hander was simply dismal with the Cubs in 2008. But the best record in the NL masked Howry’s inabilities as a set-up man.

Hendry stuck with him…Howry got hammered…and I fumed each time he took the hill.

It wasn’t a personal dislike of Howry–I’ve always respected his up-most professionalism–but rather, a distaste for what the pitcher had become…extremely hittable.

So when the D-backs released Howry earlier this week…it didn’t go without notice on my end.

In fact, I planned a post about it…

Arizona has, by far, the worst bullpen in the majors…and two former Cubs, Howry and Aaron Heilman, are a part of it.

Howry, statistically, is the worst of the bunch. An ERA above 10.00…17 runs allowed in just 14 innings…and SIX HOME RUNS!

Somehow, the Diamondbacks didn’t see this coming… despite Howry’s three year decline, and opted to pay the man $2.5M to lure him out of retirement.

Not surprisingly, Howry cleared waivers…and wouldn’t you know it…Jim Hendry’s come calling.

No question, the Cubs need bullpen help…but isn’t it clear…even three years ago…that Bob Howry isn’t the answer?

So here I am, once again, begging Jim Hendry not to do it. But chances are, my cries get left unanswered. Bob Howry is again a Chicago Cub…heaven help us.