Should Cubs Fire Lou?

Bullpen BrianCorrespondent IMay 18, 2010

I’d hate to see the Cubs fire Lou, but it’s worth consideration.

Look no further than the visiting Rockies who fell 10-games below .500 last May before firing Clint Hurdle in favor of Jim Tracy.

The Rocks thrived under Tracy going 74-42…set a franchise-record for wins, 92, and captured the NL Wild Card. Tracy earned Manager of the Year honors, as well.

But could the same hold true for our Cubbies this season? Perhaps, if Lou’s likely replacement, Alan Trammell, garners the same response Tracy received from Colorado.

Of course, there’s no guarantee either will happen…Lou being fired…or a Cubs resurgence under Trammell. But considering I called the season a wash Saturday…I wouldn’t rule out a changing of the guard come June.

No question it’d be a sad and unfortunate ending for Sweet Lou’s career…the scapegoat for an underachieving club with the major’s third highest payroll.

But the latest reality of the 2010 season has the Cubs missing the playoffs…unless, of course, something changes…like the manager.

I’d hate to see the Cubs can Lou…but at its current pace, the season appears to depend on it.