Today (May 17): Lots of Famous People were Born

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Today (May 17): Lots of Famous People were Born
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Upon reviewing the list of those celebrating birthdays on May 17 that are relevant to the sports world in some way, we determined that we couldn’t single out just one person to focus on. 

After all how do you choose the honoree when the candidates include a boxing legend, the finest pun-writer in the sports announcing field, two starting NFL quarterbacks, a world class baseball jheri curl, a Negro League legend and even the guy who played Danny Tanner on Full House? 

Answer: You don’t. 

Instead you put together a collage of their photos and say happy birthday to all of them…


In case you are unable to follow along, that means those born on this date include Sugar Ray Leonard, Pascual Perez, Jim Nantz, Matt Ryan, Matt Cassel, Danny Manning, Jon Koncak, Bob Saget (Full House stars get mentioned even if they don’t have anything to do w/ sports), Cool Papa Bell, Tony Parker, Hubert Davis and Channing Frye. 

That would make for a hell of a birthday party.

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