Five Types of Sports Fans You Hate Sitting Next To

Christopher AdamsCorrespondent IMay 15, 2010

PASADENA, CA - JANUARY 01:  A view of fans watching game action between the Oregon Ducks and the Ohio State Buckeyes during the 96th Rose Bowl game on January 1, 2010 in Pasadena, California.  (Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)
Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Sporting events always draw very diverse crowds, and there will always be that one fan who gets in the way of your enjoyment. Getting primo seats at a game may assure you a great view of the field, but it all comes down to luck with who is sitting around you.

Here are the top-five types of fans you would rather not sit next to, in no particular order.


1. The High-Fiver

The high-fiver is usually a guy who shows up to the game alone or with his wife. Without one of his buddies there to high-five, he needs to find a new pal.

A few high-fives during a game is common and completely normal, but this guy takes it to a whole other level.

This type of fan usually sits in the row in front, behind, or right next to you. Upon arriving to their seats, the high-fiver scopes his fan base around him, seeing who is high-five worthy. After initiating eye contact with their new best friend(s) for the game, there is no escaping it.

Every good pass, run, touchdown, kick, and maybe a good halftime show from the band, will result in a high-five. This turns into a habit for the high-fiver, sometimes turning around several times a minute for a high-five. On occasion, a rapid fire high-five (three or more high-fives at one time) might be issued for a big play.

The person on the receiving end will purposely look in an opposite direction of the high-fiver after good plays, making it difficult for eye contact to be made pre-high-five.


2.The Downers

The downers are the type of crowd who absolutely refuse to stand during a game, and they feel everyone should do the same.

These easily annoyed fans prefer watching the game from a sitting position, and is completely appalled if you decide to stand and cheer, thus blocking their view of the field.

They expect everyone to abide by their game etiquette and will go out of their way to tell you to sit down or stop shouting.

Screaming and cheering must be kept to a minimum around these fans, as they need only quiet voices surrounding them to enjoy the game.

If you like standing at a game and end up getting seats in front of one of these fans, do not be surprised if they try to get security to tell you to sit down.


3.The Attention Seekers

The label is pretty self-explanatory.

Instead of cheering in support for their team, they are more focused on how many people in the stands actually notice them.

This may or may not include dressing up in the most ridiculous outfit imaginable.

Attention seekers can usually be seen facing the crowd instead of the field, telling the fans behind them to cheer and get into the game. By focusing all of their energy on getting the crowd into the game, they in turn are contradicting their effort by not watching the game.

Dancing, flailing of arms, and standing in the aisles are common techniques used.

There is a distinct line between enthusiastically rooting for your team and cheering for attention—and this fan crosses it.

Most of their energy is burnt up after 10 minutes into the game, as they seem to deflate like a balloon and calm down.


4. The Instigators

No one can deny that they have observed the fans who go to the game just looking for a fight, either verbally or physically.

Now this isn't the type of fan who talks some smack to an opposing fan or words exchanged in a heated rivalry game.

These are the fans who take things too far, watch way too much UFC, and have the vocabulary of a child, with the addition of using every swear word in the books.

They like to wear NBA basketball jerseys to college football games, because let's face it, a football jersey just doesn't show off the muscles.

Useless facts will be argued in the stands with surrounding fans in order to get them to boiling point. Their prime targets can range from teenagers to the elderly showing they have no boundaries when it comes to their team.

Insults may be directed towards the person's mother or immediate family, because they love "yo mama" jokes.

Although these fans may not be successful in initiating physical fights, their main goal is to get underneath the victim's skin by attributing their character and/or physical appearance with the mocking of their team.


5. The Sloppy Drunk

There is always at least one of these fans in your section. This is not your ordinary drunk or buzzed fan, but the person who has no limits.

The sloppy drunk is incoherent before the game starts and is no stranger to sneaking in alcoholic beverages (most commonly a flask is used).

Fans of this nature are wild animals, acting as if they were in nature. Vomiting on or near people and using other places around the stadium as a restroom seem like fantastic ideas for them, and they become offended if you think otherwise.

They will seemingly deny their intoxication to the end and find it very rude if you ask them to tone it down a notch.

Spilling drinks and food everywhere, tripping, and falling down stairs are almost guarantees. Although it can be comical in the beginning, every fan hopes to avoid their distractions.

In the occurrence of the sloppy drunk being removed by security, it is common to see the fans around them stand up and cheer for his departure.