Audio: Oliver Perez Meltdown Reaction

Dave Doyle@dave_doyleCorrespondent IMay 15, 2010
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The situation with Oliver Perez has really become intolerable at this point. The Mets can’t keep trotting him out there every fifth day and expect to be blown out in 20% of their games. It’s hurting morale and it’s hurting the bullpen, not to mention the Mets spot in the NL East standings.

There’s been a lot of reaction this morning about Perez’ latest meltdown on the mound. He blamed the cold weather for his last stinker against the Giants but he didn’t have that excuse in Miami last night.

There’s been discussion of who should take Perez’ spot in the rotation. And discussion of the fact that we’re beyond the point of looking for Perez’ upside.

Jerry Manuel, Dan Warthen, and Omar Minaya are going to talk to Perez about this situation this afternoon in Miami. According to Manuel, they need to “make some decisions”. Listen to the post-game reaction from last night below.

Oliver Perez post-game

Jerry Manuel post-game

Dan Warthen post-game

Warthen mentions trying to get Perez to the point where he’s a “usable pitcher”. Not what you want to hear from your pitching coach.

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