Adam Schefter and Jay Glazer: The New Age of Reporters

Gene ZarnickCorrespondent IMay 13, 2010

No offense to the old timers Peter King and Chris Mortensen, but my favorite NFL insiders are Adam Schefter and Jay Glazer.  It used to not be this way.  Actually, I used to not have any favorite NFL insiders.


Five years ago breaking news didn't seem that important.  I'd go throughout the day not hearing about anything that was happening in the sports world and that would be fine.  If I came home late in the day and saw that a trade happened, someone was injured, or another baseball player was suspected of PED's then I'd be interested to see it, but I never really cared that I didn't know about it immediately.

Times have changed.  Now I want to be the first to know everything.  I don't just want to be one of the first to know, I expect to be one of the first to know.  I consistently stay updated on all that is happening in the sports world through ESPN, whether it is on television, radio, or my phone, or I use the ultimate source of breaking news, Twitter.

Five years ago doesn't seem too long ago that it would change my whole mind state on obtaining sports news.  I mean I did have the times where I'd go on trips and be out of the loop on everything for an entire week and then have to jump back into the real world when I returned.  Other than those few times, I didn't really need to be updated every minute of the day.  Now I do.

Some people may say this is an addiction or a problem; that learning about a story thirty minutes from now compared to right now is no big deal.  I thought about the exact same opinion most people have and then realized that I'm right and they're wrong.

There isn’t many times that if people have the chance to obtain something quicker they won't take it.  If you could get to work five minutes faster and be able to sleep five minutes longer would you take it?  If you sit down at a restaurant and could be served ten minutes quicker and leave ten minutes earlier would you say no thanks?  If you could find out who was kicked off American Idol or Dancing With the Stars thirty minutes before other people knew would you want to know?

For every single person time is used differently, but at the end of the day we'd all like things done a little bit quicker so then we could essentially use more time.   That's exactly what I try to do and this is where Adam Schefter and Jay Glazer come in.

As I said earlier, Twitter is the best source available for breaking news.  Much of the sports news and particularly NFL news is brought to us by @adam_schefter and @jay_glazer.  These two sources of information constantly update their feeds with credible information before anyone else does.  If something is happening behind the scenes in the NFL then one of these two guys know it first.  This isn't to say that other insiders like Peter King and The Mort Report don't use Twitter as well; they just don't use Twitter as well as Schefter and Glazer.


I hope this doesn't sound like a love fast for the two because it definitely isn't supposed to be.   This is just my take on two underappreciated insiders who complete their job to the fullest by keeping us in the know almost 24 hours a day.  Not only do they feed us all the news they receive, but occasionally they will answer questions you send to them as well.  It's pretty nice to have a source where you can have a legit sports question on your mind, ask one of them, and you receive a legitimate answer from someone who is closely affiliated to the source.  I guess this is why they are the new age of reporters.

Information is important to me.  Maybe I'm in the minority that needs to know all immediately.  Maybe I'm just one of the few that understands and appreciates the fact that we have the resources to do so.  I see it as a benefit.  By me knowing something an hour, thirty minutes, or even a minute before other people then I'm ahead of the curve and can move on to the next thing.  Twitter, with the help of @adam_schefter and @jay_glazer, empowers me to do so.

Technology isn't going in reverse anytime soon.  Immediate news is going to be a way of life for everyone in the near future.  I'm just trying to get other people to jump on board now.  Then again, I don't mind being the one who knows first.