Derek Jeter A New York Legend..... Priceless

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Derek Jeter A  New York Legend..... Priceless
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As we all know, Derek Jeter has now entered his fifteenth season as a New York Yankee and has turned a ripe age of 35.  With these issues illuminated and being in his last year of his contract, there has been much speculated talk about what Jeter is actually worth in a dollar amount.  Some say he is too old to keep playing short stop or, his bat will eventually slow down and that he is on the verge of fading out as a New York Yankee.  Actually, could it be the contrary?  Is he actually getting better with age?

Contract negotiations are obviously in the process, but let me be the one to tell you that Jeter deserves what he asks for.  Five rings, a career .317 batting average, 2785 hits, 2168 games played, and still going.  Think of those numbers on your resume going into an interview, with those credentials how could you not demand a number which you think you would deserve?  

Some would argue that those numbers are history, and as he gets older, the less productive he will be.  Well, according to the numbers that hasnt happened yet.  Actually, that hasnt even come close to happening yet.  Last season, at age 34, Jeter hit for a .334 average, an on base percentage of .406, 18 HR's and 30 stolen bases.  Jeter had one of his most impressive years all around in his mid thirties. 

Another part of Jeters play that is in loom, so to speak, is his fielding ability.  There has been immense speculation over the past couple years of moving Derek to left field in his latter years as a Yankee.  But I ask the question, why?  I like to call this New York drama. 

Two years ago Jeter had one of his best fielding seasons of his career.  He recorded a .979 fielding percentage, committed only 12 errors, which was the second lowest of his career.  If two years ago wasnt a testament to Jeter getting better with age, then last year should have done the trick.  Jeter followed up one of his best fielding seasons in 07, with his best fielding season in 08.  

In 08, Derek recorded a .986 fielding percentage(career high), and only committed 8 errors, which was a career low.  At age 35, Jeter can easily repeat that performance for a 3rd year in a row without question.  I'll let the numbers speak for themselves.

Not only do you pay Derek for what he has done for the team(which is intangible), but you pay him for future hall of fame statistics which will only carry the Yankee legacy for the generations to come.  He has been dedicated, passionate, hard working, and a leader on and off the field for the Yankees, and as his name goes down in history, so will the Yankees.  So, lets get this deal done, shake hands and let Jeter retire as a Yankee.  Please, no drama, no hesitation, and no similar disrespect which was arrogantly shown to Mr. Joe Torre who had 4 World Series rings in his career with the Yankees.  The time has come to lock up this legend.    

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